Evo '09 playing conditions left MUCH to be desired

I hope next year there are some changes to the layout and way things are ran so that the playing conditions are better for players. I know there are a lot of people who try to say “man up” blah blah, but the playing conditions were far from ideal this year.

First off, people were WAY too close to the players, and should not be so close to the field of vision of the players. I was playing one of my matches in SFIV and someone’s fucking backpack is literally 6 inches in front and to the right of my face. Now, why should I be forced to make a decision between pushing this idiot out of the fucking way mid-match, or just trying to “man up” so I can focus 100% on my screen?

Really, there should be nothing betwen the players and their screens, that is just common sense. But also, there shouldn’t be so many people directly NEXT to the screens, moving around as well. It’s not like the arcade where your face is so close to the screen, these people are taking up a large percentage of your vision. I was trying to play a match when a ref with their BRIGHT ASS YELLOW t-shirts on kept moving around DIRECTLY next to my monitor. Incredibly distracting during play.

Also, since there were two setups per table, the chairs next to each other were VERY close to each other. I was playing SFIV in the middle of a match when someone next to me on my left side lost so he huffed off in a storm…except he fucking CRASHED into my joystick arm while I was still fucking playing, and then I had to re-grip my fucking joystick. FUCKING INCREDIBLE to be expected to play like that. Big fuck you to whoever that was, btw.

Moving on: The systems. Playstation 3 is just not acceptable at all for evo. I had an SFIV match where my opponent scraped me the first game (Giovanni, Ken player from FLA). Then on the second game, he hit me once and then it said that I, player 1, hit the home button. I knew for a fact that I did not, but waited for RaybladeX (GREATEST REF/Tourney organizer EVER, btw) who said, “If it was any farther along I would DQ you, but just play it through”. So I put the lock on my TE stick, and unpaused the game, and immediately later it said the home button was pressed again.

Rayblade realized someone using a wireless pad was interfering with our system, so he rebooted the system to clear out all controllers, and we then played without anymore interference. I won the next two games. Now, as anyone who has ever entered a tournament knows, momentum is a HUGE advantage in a game. It is MUCH easier to win 2, lose 1, and win 1 more than it is to lose two, and then win 3 straight. I feel fully confident that I only won the next two games and beat my opponent because he lost the momentum and had such a long “cool down” period while the system was rebooting. I apologized to him after the match, it definitely was not fair to him, but there was nothing that could be done.

Also, the fucking game randomly freezes for a second when the players earn an achievement, but then since there is no profile loaded on the PS3, it displays “You did not get a trophy” covering player 2’s lifebar. What the hell is the point of researching lagless displays for SFIV if we’re going to randomly lag the game anyways with the achievement bullshit?

I have heard there was video problems with playing on the big screen but I didn’t play on the big screen so I’m not going to post anecdotes, anyone who had problems with the big screen feel free to chime in, but I assume it was some kind of hardware failure that couldn’t be avoided?

My suggestions are that next year there needs to be a taped line around the TV setups where you get warnings for crossing over, behind the players and also to the sides so that no one is moving around in the player’s line of vision with their TV. It’s so basic I can’t even understand why it needs to be said.

I hope next year when someone from your city that you actually talk to and hang out with is playing against a big name on the big screen that you actually come in and support his ass (Trace vs. Daigo) Get off that weak ass water dawg.

Maybe it was just the set up at your pool, but my pool was fine. There was a lot of room available there didn’t seem to be any issues in regards to being too close to people. Didn’t really have any issues with people bumping into you or like being a distraction.

Also the Bright ass yellow shirts were made so that it would be easy to find the ref. I guess the purpose of the shirt was an annoyance was just bad luck on your end.

In regards to the PS3’s, yeah the trophy thing was an issue across the board, I don’t know much about the PS3’s version of SFIV. But was there an option to turn notifications off? I want to say that the xbox version has that. But they had more than enough PS3’s to run the tournament. I’d rather have their be 24 pools for that many entrants, than to have something like 12 pools because they couldn’t get a hold of enough xbox’s.

From what I saw in the pools that I was in everything was ran really smooth. The only thing that I was confused about was the schedule of the pools. A lot of us from Seattle assumed that pools were being ran in groups, so it was a bit surprising to see that all 12 were being ran at the same time (If we missed that on the website, well shit our fault), but listen the Ref’s put it down, and thanks for making this EVO a huge success.

i agree as far as the ps3 acheivement freeze
thats something i dont think they anticipated

and the wireless control home button is a issue, but the same can happen with 360
its something they are aware of but im sure you can understand its challenging to control

but as far as things goin on in the background you cant help that
gotta stay focused
but you can demand you space and just state that you have a real tourney match goin on
and a player should respect that

still the best evo ever
gj on the feedback

and no taking pictures of the players on stage two feet from their face while they’re trying to play.

pictures should be fine. FLASH photography should not be. i saw that shit and thought it was pretty fucking wack.

That can be easily fixed by either:

  1. Requiring EVO sixaxis only; in other words, pads provided by evo that can’t be removed from the station after play
  2. Resetting the system and restoring default settings by holding the reset button when turning it back on. This desyncs other controllers. We had to do this in pool 23 when some jackass actually quit the game during a match.

although playing condition weren’t PERFECT at least they were really solid throughout the tourney. i got a chair to play on and the room was cold, that’s honestly all I can ask for (or want for that matter) in a tourney. Yeah it was crowded, but then again, this is EVO. unless your playing on the big screen, shit is going to get crowded with 1040 people entering one tourney and having 44 people per pool. and long as no one is touching me or blocking my line of sight with the tv, i’m happy. i usually move my chair away from my opponent/crowd to give myself some elbow space too.

unassigning pad controllers is up to the players/refs to make sure they turn them off (i’d even go as far as saying that you get dq’d for your next match for forgetting to turn that shit off, its not that fucking hard people). the x360 has the same problem too.

that trophy glitch was really unfortunate (i even tried to reboot the ps3 for my pool to fix it) and i hope that it gets fixed for next year.

All our local Xbox 360 based tournaments ban wireless controllers. The 360 has wired controllers available, and most sticks are wired. The problem never occurs at all. The PS3 was a bad system to choose, but sponsors are sponsors I guess.

Do they even make a wired controller for PS3? Having to desync wired controllers is a pretty silly design flaw too imo, I’ve never seen that with wired controllers on a 360.

But yeah, sick Evo still. Feedback is feedback.

I thought wireless controllers were banned?

Make room to play. I certainly yelled at people to step back over in Marvel. Kneeing people in the back while they’re playing is ridiculous. Everybody (refs, players, spectators) should be aware of the courtesy zone.

Pressing the PS button on a wireless controller will still resync it with a PS3 that has been reset. They are supposed to be banned but most refs looked too busy gathering players for the next match. My ref hardly watched the current matches at all. He was dealing with half of the players in my pool never even being around. It’s too bad he took upwards of 30 minutes sometimes to DQ no shows. I would have had 3 byes easy if he DQed faster.

Maybe I just had a bad ref but he didn’t do anything about players standing way too close to the players/setup that weren’t even watching the match. They were just talking or watching the big screen majority of the time. Even the ref was blocking the screen at times. He also put me up against the same player who knocked me to losers again in losers bracket and both of us were like wtf? It was only 3 or 4 rounds into the pool. Maybe this was just bad luck but aren’t the brackets designed to avoid this?

How about people stealing sticks? I know gootecks got his sticks stolen.

People were DQd as late as possible, deliberately. People spent a lot of money and time getting to Evo, and as a mark of respect for everybody every possible match was played before DQing people. It does slow things down a tiny bit, but it also gives people the best possible chance not to have just “wasted” $600 getting to Evo.

No, they can’t be unless you manually interfere. If you map out the possibilities you’ll see that you will have double jeopardy here and there in the brackets. Sometimes if you ask a ref might float you.

addressing some of these issues

refs were busy lining up people to play and making sure everyone’s equipment was in working order to start. so you should have been calling refs over if you needed ANYTHING. there’s pretty much no excuse, you had a guy in a yellow shirt at your pool for 3 hours to help you with anything you needed or to establish order. if you didn’t complain about the playing conditions, your ref assumed you were comfortable with them. next time, speak up!

if you had the trophy thing crop up, you should have pretty much immediately called a ref over. if people were too close to you, you should have called a ref over immediately to ask for space. if home buttons were pressed whenever, you should have called a ref immediately.

you just gotta do what you gotta do.

Double Jeopardy (playing the same person twice) happens sometimes, theres no way to design a bracket to avoid it. The brackets alternate from moving you to the same side of your pool, and to the other side, every other round, so it is definitely possible to have to play the same person twice, and it’s just how its supposed to work.

Also, wireless controllers were not banned exactly, what was banned was you needed to use the USB cable with the PS3. The problem was when the player removes the USB cable, it just switches the controller to wireless still, making the whole USB cable actually pointless overall. Judges were supposed to remind pad players to shut off their controllers after every match, but there is so much going on at any time (how long until my match? Can I go to the BYOC section? Can I go to the bathroom? I have a pool over in X game right now, I’ll be back. Can I see the brackets? etc) that being able to actually check every match is near impossible. I only had 2 pad players in my bracket, and I was able to remind them each time, so it wasn’t too bad for me personally.

Also, when people have spent plenty of time and money flying out to Vegas, you really need to give them more than 30 minutes to DQ. I ran my SFIV bracket without DQing no shows until about an hour in, and I still managed to finish by 9:30. So long as you don’t hold up the matches, and keep things running along, theres no need to DQ somebody that fast. But the moment it starts holding up the brackets, its time to go.

Just ban DS3 controllers, and make every pad warrior bring a usb PC pad or a wired third party PS3 pad.

Can’t you turn of the “wirelessness” of PS3s somehow?

I believe the choice was also influenced by the extreme lack of converters for the 360. A lot of people have PS2/PS1 sticks.

Overall nothing really bothered me except the double jeopardy thing but I guess it was just bad luck. I understand running this event is a hard thing to do. At least I didn’t have to lug my stick around the 2nd day!

BTW Shutting off the controller through the menu won’t make a difference if a player accidentally presses the PS button before syncing the controller to a different system. I can totally see this happening with people throwing their controllers into a bag once they play, not even realizing they are messing someone else’s game up. The only full proof way to avoid wireless controller problems is to ban them entirely.

The refs did a hell of a job and were patient light years past the point that I could ever be. Big ups to them for running shit on time and efficiently.

The one thing I would complain about is the personal zone when youre trying to play a match. Yes you have to accept people being hella loud and being close to you but there’s no excuse for people jabbing at you with their backpacks or being partially between you and the screen when you’re playing. It made it really difficult to focus. This is not the ref’s fault, they have 20 other things to worry about. People just need to be courteous and respectful in the future.

No offense, I get your point, but most respectable tournaments DQ people right off the bat to ensure order. They didn’t become respectable by being sloppy. If I trained my ass off and paid $600 dollars to get to Evo, I would ensure I was there when they called my name.

You think a martial arts tournament would allow that kind of tardiness? You would be scratched immediately. You think MLG players train and fly to the event just to bullshit and make the refs call their names for 20 minutes? I don’t think so. You’re right, people paid a lot of money to get there, I assume they worked hard to fight in the tournament too. So they should SHOW it in their attendance at the event. The rules are there for a reason.

Scratch the names when they don’t show up. DQ them and they will either avoid it happening next year, or not compete. Either one is preferable to developing an attitude that it’s ok to not be there for your pool and that the refs are not strict. I mean honestly, the worst that can happen is that yeah, he can’t compete and feels he lost his cash going there. He may never go to another Evo again! Is that really that much of a bad thing? If he can’t compete professionally, is that really the kind of player Evo wants to foster?

You cannot develop a reputation for reputable competition if your officials can’t make the RULES themselves official. My feet were killing me at the end of Friday and my wife was bored as all hell because I didn’t move an inch from my pool all damn day. It was mind numbing, but I did it. Because that’s why I went there. To know it would have gone faster if others had the same respect I did, means I have no sympathy for them when they get scratched. I came to play.

What about the people competing in up to 3 events at the same time? They’re just out of luck I suppose?

You have to have some leniency when you have multiple games going on at the same time, it’s just not quite comparable to the examples you gave. Some people are even scrambling around at the start trying to find what pool they were in, and since the judges don’t have mics or megaphones to get peoples attention from far away, giving people some grace period is the least that we could do.

Serious reiteration on the personal space issue and the PS3 you did not earn a trophy bullshit. It is not acceptable to have something like that that lags the fucking game every time you get hit! I asked a ref and several other people if we could please turn it off or find a setting to turn it off and I got “I don’t think you can” as an answer. I was watching my friend’s recorded matches and you can see him mess up teleports on wakeup and other various things because of the mini-lag spike that stupid ass message caused. Seriously, guys?

When I was watching my friend’s HDR matches, I literally had to push people out of the way because they were trying to squeeze between the setups to ask the ref something NOT that pertinent, or merely look at the brackets. Most of them had backpacks sticking off their backs a good foot and a half and had no respect for the fact people were trying to play serious tourney matches.

I don’t quite understand calling a ref over, wouldn’t you have to pause or something to call a ref over if you were having space issues? Thereby losing that round? (Unless you were already gonna die, apparently. :bluu: )

I really cannot express my anger and hatred towards the you did not earn a trophy shit. Truly unacceptable for a tournament you’re supposed to be taking seriously. Why don’t we just have it on xbox live next time?