EVO 2003 Intro Music thread!

cool slick intros:
gucci crew II - Sally (gets dirty after a while)
n2deep - back to the hotel
rappin 4 tay - players club
tribe called quest - award tour
hot boys - hot girl (kinda dirty too)

loud hiphop intros:
freeway - flipside
Onyx - Slam
Black Rob - Whoa
X-Ecutioners - It’s Going Down

fast starting intros:
Alpha Team - Speed Racer (dirty but funny)
2 live crew - shake a lil something (gets dirty after a while)
Outkast - B.O.B.
2unlimited - get ready for this (NBA theme!)

rockin crazy intros:
prodigy - firestarter (a must for Sol and Dhalsim players haha)
EMF - unbelievable (for unseeded guys haha)
ministry - new world order

wussy pansy intros:
sixpence none the richer - kiss me
aha - take on me

Haha :lol: good one ej


How about the intro music to Battle Royale?

…ermm…sorry, I forgot the name of it… :frowning:

redman/ time 4 sum akshun
method man/ bring the pain
raekwon/glaciers of ice
metallica/st anger
marilyn manson/ fight song
ice t/new jack hustla/ there goes the neighborhood
cleveland lounge/drowning (ak1200 rmx)
dom + optical/quadrant 6 (e-sassin VIP) <-- the most sinister sounding drum and bass song ive heard
gangstarr/we got gunz
notorious BIG/unbelievable
camp lo/swing
jay-z/a million and one questions
rakim/juice ( too close to the ledge)
prodigy/smack my bitch up
DMX/X gonna give it to ya
cypress hill/how i could just kill a man
black rob/i dare you
ice cube/wicked
and the most underrated intro cut of all time
DAFT PUNK - DA FUNK…that has got to be the most dopest music to ever walk out on stage to

that song is the shizzle


Tupac feat dre, raz kaz - Ghetto Fabulous

Black Rob - Whoa

Queen - We Will Rock You, then after the match Another One Bites the Dust :lol:

Mobb Deep - Shook Ones

Wu-tang - protect ya neck
Ghost Face - Daytona 500

mine can be the last part of johnny’s theme. its too good!

Chaotic Blue

The Chorus of St.Anger :cool:

Korn-Here to Stay
MushroomHead-Empty Spaces

Enough of this foolishness. If you’re talking about music that gets you pumped up, it has to be power metal. Just take your pick.

Only songs you need:
Eminem - Rabbit Run (8 Mile sndtrk)
Xzibit - Spit Shine (8 Mile sndtrk)

Hmm, on second though, the zero theme from the mega man 5 intro would be really cool (14 second intro i believe).

never scared - bonecrusher
the takeover - jay-z
shook one pt.2 - mobb deep
hit em up - 2pac
how i could just kill a man - cypress hill
game over - scarface
i’m the magnificent - special ed
still fly - big tymerz
ambitionz as a ridah - 2pac
what’s beef? - notorious b.i.g.
dipset anthem - diplomatz

Alexa Vega - Game Over
Spy kids 3D soundtrack!!!

Ayumi Hamasaki - Evolution

oh wait…

DIP SET! anthem

For anybody coming from the ATL South…

Damn! - Youngbloodz ft. Lil Jon:cool:

Tragic, have you decided on what you’re going to use as of now? After Evo, can you post the songs used and the credits to those who suggested them?

I know by like Wednesday, you guys should be in full swing of preparations and have a lot going on. Thanks again.

PS: Remember>>>The Touch, by Stan Bush :slight_smile: I mean, come on…it has 3 votes already :slight_smile:

I vote for that too…should be the song for the final 2 players in 1 tourny, it would get boring in all the tournies.

Ec8or - The Shit You Dig / Mean / Come On Ghost / Gash in Your Subversive Idyll

Atari Teenage Riot - Get Up While You Can / Not Your Buisiness/ Start the Riot / Sick to Death

Shizuo - Sweat

DragonBall Z Super Buu Theme (really cool but kinda corny I guess)

Aphex Twin - Come to Daddy (If it hasn’t been suggested already)

Lords of Acid - Let’s Get High (perfect SooMighty intro)

Real 2 Reel - I Like to Move it (classic skating music)

Trickster - White Line (hardcorps mix)

DDR 5th Mix - DXY

I’m sure the songs have been decided on already, but I thought I would post some more songs I thought would be cool that I didn’t think of earlier.