Evo 2004 dvd

Can someone give me a rough estimate of when it will be released?

I PMed Mr.Wizard about this and he said, “dvd on sale soon”

nice one thanx

I never bought the EVO DVDs before, but I plan on purchasing the 2004 DVDs. my question is, what is the quality of the video? The DVD page didn’t say how they were recorded.
Are the videos from hand held camcorders, or direct video feed recordings, or a mixture of both?
I’ll probably buy them in any case.

I’d want multi angle for the finals.

like main angle is the game footage and the other shows the players’. basically a mixture of 2 two videos in the daigo parry video.

That past years’ DVDs have had direct feed footage when at all possible. Sometimes crowd audio was put in with it too. They only went with handheld footage when they didn’t have direct feed. Since this year’s competition was on console, I’m sure they probably got direct feed again.

will the intro’s be on the dvd?

i wonder when the trailer is comming out

Trailer should hopefully be out soon. Come to think of it, it’s prolly gonna take a while. Evo 2003 DVD didnt come out to long ago

The man speaks the truth. Evo DVD’s ussually do take a while. My friend buys them every year, and every year he tells me what a long wait it was. Well, I guess good things come to those who wait…:wink: