Evo 2005 Feedback - Pros, Cons, Suggestions

Evo 2005 was my tournament debut, and events conspired against me at nearly every turn. That said, I ultimately had an okay time and wanted to offer feedback.


MrWizard, MarkMan, the Cannons, James Chen, Seth Killian, etc. (basically, all Evo staff): I know what a HELL running an event of this scope can be. While there were some problems, I appreciate what you did and generally had fun.

Sponsors: Were a big help, as far as I can determine, in various ways. And hey, I had fun buying a few new controllers while I was there; I’ve been wanting a decent wireless pad for my XBox; thanks Pelican.

The event room itself: Whoever had the idea of setting up water and mints, THANK YOU. I personally feel much better having a little mint to occupy my mind with between matches, so that was very nice. The water was a huge help too. I liked this a lot!

3rd Strike: As my main stick got gutted and I had no spare on me (no space in luggage), I was forced to primarily borrow others. Finally got a good US-style stick and made it to the semi-finals in 3S, not bad for my tournament debut, I figure.

Super Turbo: Still fun a decade later. Pretty much my first time facing humans, and I was playing on a Hori stick (which handles VERY differently from an American style one), so I had a handicap right there. Was fun playing though, and the big-screen matches for this were absolutely fantastic!

Tekken 5: I did okay for someone with maybe 1 hour’s experience with the game. Even had a few people awe-struck by how well my Asuka did in light of that. I’m just glad to see Tekken really has competitive depth.

Glitch Videos: Entertained the hell out of me, I laughed until I cried. Wish I could get a copy of them, especially the SF2 one! Anyone have these by chance, and if so, PM me please?

MLG/Smash Bros: I had fun playing in this, and it’s my understanding the MLG was a big help on the logistics end of having a place to run Evo at.

Vegas: Good venue choice. Moving this to Vegas was what literally let me attend! Please consider doing this again next year, Evo staff.

SFA Generations: Horrible movie. Blake’s Blood, that movie was friggin’ awful! It’s like they TRIED to make it worse than the last SFAlpha anime, and succeeded! I cried until I laughed. You may wonder why this is listed as a ‘Pro’; well, I LOVE stuff that sucks, see. So this was a real treat to me!

Cons/Suggestions for Improvement:

Major Disorganization: I understand, I really do understand, that any level of service provided to a group where the number of service providers exceed the number of service users…is going to have some errors. I sympathize with that. But I personally was afflicted by at least 6 Evo-staff errors (including incorrect info on the CvS2 pools; I got D-d-d-d-DISQUALIFIED for going by what I was told by staff…), and others I spoke to were mis-handled almost as badly.

Now, I’ll take the blame on two of those. Due to schedule conflicts, I withdrew from MvC2 (which I entered on a dare anyway) and GGXX on the night signups were being done. Evo refunded me on the spot (very nice), but still booked me for matches in those two games. Easily sorted out and those two damn well were MY fault, so I’ll say I was honestly only affected by about 4 errors. Still a pretty high count, and I wasn’t the only one. The errors really need to come down in future tournaments.

I believe handling as much as possible before the tournament is ideal. Mail badges out early (I’d be willing to pay an extra $5 on my registration to compensate Evo staff for this expense), etc. This alone would’ve freed up a good, what, 3-4 hours right there? That’s significant.

Paranoid Environment: After a while, I realized I pretty much had to stick around the Evo room for nearly the whole time, for risk of being out of the room too long and getting D-d-d-d-DISQUALIFIED. I have to admit I don’t know how to resolve this, but I feel it’s a significant issue alongside the errors above. It was a major stress factor to me – though I’m full well aware that running Evo is a ‘stress factor’ to you guys one-thousand-fold. Some sort of notification system, or even a reliable schedule, may help here.

Event Room: Yes, this is being listed in both segments. There needs to be some way to seperate competitors from spectators. I had someone bump me during a match, and in the crowd bustle I also got bumped INTO a competitor while spectating; I felt horrible about that. Also, a chair was dropped on my foot during one match. Ow, and moreso ‘ow’ since I wear sandals. Please, we need some way to keep the crowd away from those playing.

Green Valley Ranch: Too damn expensive. For 100+ dollars a night, I damn well expect a TV with AV hookups and some decent soap in my bathroom! What’s with this RF hookup crap? If I wanted that, I’d have brought MY old-ass TV! And for 100 a night, could GVR’s food court PLEASE quit price-gouging me? Thanks, you greedy bastards. Suggestion – Can we move Evo to a cheaper hotel in Vegas? Like, Circus Circus or something? Saving a couple hundred dollars on a cheaper hotel room and tournament venue would be nice. Some might say it’s a loss of luxury/environment quality, but guess what? Due to Paranoid Environment, I didn’t have time to enjoy the fine atmosphere of the GVR. I’d rather have saved the money since I didn’t get to use the atmosphere at all.

3rd Strike finals: About as exciting as watching AI Goenitz fight. In fact, Goenitz vs. Goenitz would’ve differed from 3S finals only in what move was repeated over and over. Crouching Forward into Chun’s SA2 or people went for the kara-throw instead. Yawn. People need to learn something new.

MvC2, CvS2 finals: See above, but replace Chun vs. Chun with complaints about MSP and minor variations thereof for MvC2, and A-Sakura/Bison (Psycho Crusher)/Blanka or minor variants thereof. Yawn, yawn, yawn.

People boo’ing Halo/MLG: Get over it. The MLG was a big help in having a venue at all, and being confrontational asses about it ensure that fighting gamers look like jerks. To those of you who kept quiet, you’ve my thanks. To those of you who boo’ed, grow up. You’re only hurting our hobby, which might I remind you is basically on life support? Think about that.

I had more, but forgot. All in all, I really did enjoy Evo 2005; my first tournament left me with an overall good feeling, despite some severe issues. I hope Evo 2006 will be even better, and I certainly do plan on attending; let that be a testament to how much I appreciate Evo-staff’s efforts this year.

I don’t know where you were at, but Third Strike finals were impressive as hell. Were you in the same room? Did you miss the memo? America was about two seconds away from stealing the whole thing.

Also… MvC2? WTF? I refuse to believe you were at Evolution. I hate this game, and even I thought these matches were brilliant.

And about the old TV’s: get over it. Wah, you have to use a $4 RF adapter to play games. Do you really think they were thinking about this when they were constructing the damn room? They were old TV’s. They don’t assume 1,000 gaming nerds were going to come and hook up their Ps2’s for four days and play video games. Think practical, here.

Actually, I did that RF adapter thing. I brought one with me because I EXPECTED the TVs would be RF. I hooked it up, and an engineering crew showed up in my room and freaked out. They got PISSED. Turns out modifying the RF hookup on the back of the TV messes up with some aspect of billing in the room, or something. I dunno what exactly, but they were very stern in insisting I not do that again. So I was left mostly without a TV worth a damn in there.

And yeah, I know America was ‘two seconds away from stealing it.’ Doesn’t make it any less boring to watch the same match over and over. Ken, Yun, and Chun poison 3S match variety like A-Sakura/Bison/Blanka does to CvS2. I had more fun watching the qualifiers.

MvC2 was mostly MSP, at least all the matches I saw were. I saw a cool Spiral player though, that was neat. …Spiral? Spinal? The chick with several arms and the knife rings. That was cool.

And I certainly did attend Evo. Watching ST finals was cool; even saw a neat Vega (claw) vs. Vega KO where one of them did his crouching roundhouse, the other front-flip-kicks over it, lands before he recovers from the slidekick…throws for the win. That was art, right there. Easily the match I talk about the most when people around town ask me if I saw anything cool at Evo.

rofl. actually the one vega just got jumpy and did slide early, other vega did reversal move which wouldve been baited and punished for the win.

Those who booed Halo? LOL. Fighting games aren’t even on the radar.

I agree with the sentiment of this post.

That “cool spiral player” just so happens to be the Godfather of MvC2. :encore:

I’m fairly sure that Ohnuki was just fucking around with JWong at the end of the 3S finals (possibly to make us look good). The rounds he did win, he owned the shit out of Justin, and the rounds he lost, he did REALLY weird/dumb things that he never does in his Japanese ranbat videoslike missing easy hit confirms and whatnot.

i was the first person to scream halo sucks so i hope i started the booing

horrible fps game
give me a keyboard and mouse and ill show those little bastards whats up

thanks for the bad comment of your a fucking idiot for my rep :badboy:

What in the heck are you talking about? you must have got one of the cheap ass rooms or something along that, me and my group stayed at green valley ranch and the bathrooms were the fucking /SHIT. and the tv thing…the tv had more av components you can shake a dick at…i dunno what kind of room YOU got, but seems you got served, vegas style.

That’s odd, my room had AV hookups as well…

The room cost should be split up amongst a few ppl… staying there yourself is rape X_X…

Not all rooms had TVs with AV inputs. Some rooms have the old TVs with no inputs. Some rooms have TVs with inputs. My room didn’t have AV inputs. We didn’t need them anyway, since all staff does is crash right when they get to the room at the end of each day. lol.

Dios: Yeah, I see the room layouts are similar, but the TV in my room was black and used an RF box on the back to control content. As in, it was bigger than a normal RF box and had various billing, programming, etc. junk coded onto it. Messing with it caused GVR’s engineering dept. to flip out. So…yeah, clearly different rooms have different types of TV. Still, AV’s been a standard for how long, now? 10-15 years? You’d think a place that’s supposed to be some 4-star, 5-star place and could probably be featured on the cover of Rich Elitist Prick Quarterly would have modern TVs in all the rooms. Now, soap aside I’ll grant the bathrooms were pretty good. …Aside from the whole “audio piped into here” part. For the brief time we did have SF3 running, I could hear Q’s deep breathing while I was in the bathroom. Can you say ‘unnerving’? I feel sorry for the people in other rooms who had to hear Chunli’s “Ey, ey, ey, ey, ey, ey, ey, ey!” while taking a leak.

MarkMan: Did that; Streak helped pay for the room. I think he and I would’ve gladly traded in that stupid Bose radio for a better TV, too. Damn nice beds, though. And that electronic safe is neat.

For those in an ‘ROFL’ mode for my lack of knowing just who the Spiral player was: Well excuuuuse me, Princess! I live three hours away from the nearest major city, and it doesn’t have a tournament community at all. I have nobody to play with. Evo 2005 is like the first time I’ve ever played humans at all in half the games featured there; there’s no way I’m going to know everything. I just hope the fighting game community can revive itself, but given the confrontational way some things happened at Evo 2005 – such as boo’ing FPS players, etc. – I don’t know if it can be done. Part of community building is being nice to the ‘LOL n00bs’ and outsiders.

Also, I’m an idiot; I screwed up the ‘service providers:service users’ ratio due to a typo. Should read “service providers are exceeded by service users”. Yes. There weren’t more Evo staff than Evo players at the tournament.

Anyway, despite all the issues I really did enjoy myself and am saving up to go to Evo 2006, I just hope it too is in Vegas since the air-fare to that city is REALLY good. The reduced air-fare is literally what let me afford the trip, so I hope they’ll keep it in Vegas.


One of my friends quotes that stupid line to me all the time. Didn’t think anyone else would remember that horrible Legend of Zelda cartoon.

  • James

How are either of these “cons,” or “suggestions for improvement?” A lot of people seem to forget that EVO is a tournament, not an exhibition. These guys are playing to win, not to entertain the audience. How would you like this “entertainment issue” to be resolved? Should staff randomly put “exciting” and lowtier characters into sunday’s finals just to make it more fun to watch? It’s not the tourney’s fault those particular players didn’t make it into the top 8.

You’re going to see an abundance of these “boring” characters and teams in the top 8 of nearly EVERY major tournament in America. It sounds to me like you’re not the type who plays seriously enough to enjoy watching high-level play (which usually does boil down to a game’s top tiers). That being the case (although I might be wrong in my assumption), you probably shouldn’t have watched finals for these games in the first place.

I didn’t bother to stick around and watch GGXX finals, because I knew beforehand I didn’t really care about the game. Had I actually watched however, I sure wouldn’t have stated how EVO could’ve been better if their were less boring Eddie’s.

James: Absolutely. I love stuff that sucks, so of course I’d remember that show. I’ve even got it archived on CD somewhere, and enjoy showing it to friends who’ve forgotten the ‘dark side’ of Nintendo’s early-market dominance. One hearing of that line and…bam. They just curl up, whimpering and begging for the hurting to stop.

As you can imagine, that stunt ensures I have very few friends. But I get good laughs out of it, so it works out.

Regarding ‘suggestion for improvement’: Granted, it isn’t. It’s distinctly a Con, a downside, that I have no obvious way to rectify. Namco may have a good idea though, shaking things up a bit with Tekken 5.1 and 5.2. It has the downside of nullifying some of the training you put in, but to an extent it helps the problem. I concede it is not an ideal solution, but patching things that show a clear-cut, always-used “top tier” is definitely a good idea.

And yes, I know the finalists are not paid to entertain. They’re there to win, try to get the prestige (sp?) and money involved with it. That’s fine. I’m just saying from my viewpoint as a spectator, it’s incredibly boring. I’m certainly not proposing that rules such as ‘random select’ or whatnot be implemented. That would be crazy and, again, damage or outright destroy the value of training to compete seriously. Please do not attribute presumed intent to me. I concede I don’t have an ideal solution for this, it’s just…well…frustrating to see the “Grand championships” of a game boil down to two people trying the exact same tactic to one another.

I can appreciate high level play. I just have trouble appreciating watching the same match 6 times in a row, with only the people at the stick changing.