Evo 2005 Las Vegas: The Wynn Hotel

I can imagine SRK Taking this hotel over. It’s being constructed right now but it should be done by the time Evo comes around.




haha wynn has ads for that shit in the trades all the time.

we need to get a gd group together to go in on some rooms n shit.

holy shit the cheapest room there is 350 a night. that’s quite a jump from shilo’s 80 a night. i want to be where all the action is but damn thats expensive…if it comes down to it i’d rather go to the orleans or something. i stayed there last summer and it was only 60 a night. hopefully we can get a discount or something but even then it’s still gonna be expensive :frowning:

seriously guys stay at state line LMAO dats wat i might do for 80 bux a night and Buffalo bills has a marvel vs capcom 2 machine for all marvel players and uuuuhh id rather pay 80 a night then 350

Guys you dont have to stay all the way in buttfuk state line, they have cheaper rooms. Whenever i go to vegas i always stay at NYNY its a really great hotel on the strip for only 110 bucks plus you dont have to be 21 to buy a room there. Most of the hotels in las vegas you have to be 21 just to reserve a room theres only a handful of 18+ hotels that let you reserve a room. if you wanna get really cheap ass you can stay at like polo towers or sahara or imperial palace for like 30 bucks a night lmao

What’s the address of this place? ^^^JUs’ wondering how far it is from those 30 dollar cheap ass rooms (lol)

Arent Vegas hotels cheap?

when i went to vegas in march 2003 i got a plane ticket + 5 nights at the rio for $300. (i went with 6 people and we got 6 tickets + 3 rooms for $1800 combined, the room was huge tho, 2 beds, one of those L couches, tons of floor space, could comfortable fit 10 people)

if you’re going with a bunch of people definately check out a travel agent or something, they can give you a crazy deal

F that. I work for Marriott in Orlando. I’m working in Alaska for the summer and plan to stay in Vegas for 5 days( Aug.11-16) I get 70% off rooms depening on hotel occupancy (if the hotel is less than 80% then I get my discount) I also happen to have a coupon for a free weekend so if anybody needs help let me know. I need to know where exactly the tourney gonna be so I can figure out which hotel is closer. If any one’s interested e-mail me at stridernatakou80@yahoo.com Oh yeah,when o sign ups start?

Zulu - do you also realise how much it would be to rent out a convention room for 3 days at Wynn? :xeye: Evo Entrance fees would be like 50 Per person. I really wonder how they are going to pull it off. I hope Evo dosen’t end up over at fremont, lol.

Orleans would probably not let them rent a space.

Strip casinos aren’t very cheap, especially not in the summer. You can get great deals at the cheap places, like Imperial Palace, Stardust, the older casinos.

If you stay at anything owned by Steve Wynn, your ass is payin’ hella.

Just for some advice I recommend you book your hotels early, alot of hotels like to jack up prices when conventions draw near. Btw if you plan on staying in stateline I feel sorry for you its an hour drive out of vegas and that mvc2 machine is broken as all hell.

God damn, ain’t knwow way I’m stayin in that hotel… Shit’s like 350 dollars a day…

Is it sure it’s going to be @ The Wynn Hotel? because the announsment for changing evo to vegas screw me up and i replan everything and if this hotel it’s just a rumor or a sure thing please let me know?

No it’s not certain to be at Wynn Hotel.