Evo 2005: #R on PS2s

**UPDATE: Parts Recieved Thus far
2 PS2’s
2 Games

Alright, the verdict has been handed down from above. In order to have #Reload on PS2s this year, the players themselves will have to provide the goods. Additionally they will have to be provided well in advance of the tournament so that Evo staff can coordinate with the sponsors what they will/will not need. Evo staff does not want to be left suprised if people drop the ball on this like they did last year.

Official quotes from MrWiz:

So theres the situation. This thread is put together to keep track of this issue and this issue only. If you want the information to send in a setup for Evo, send a PM to MrWizard and ask about it. He will then send you information on where to send the goods.

I’ll keep a list of who thinks they’re going to send in stuff, and who has actually sent stuff. Let’s get it done.

the june 1st thing kinda annoys me cause I won’t be able to practice #R as much as I’d like before evo, but if I can invest in a second ps2 for relatively cheap and sell it after evo then I’ll get it to MrWizard.

even if I can’t, I’ll try to help out!!


Sounds good. I’ll send one shortly.

Let’s do it!!!

I need a confirmation from the Evo staff that my jap. ps2 will be in the hands of excellent care. Only then will I send one out.

Sounds like a reasonable request to me. However I can’t help you there. I’m just some dude.

Say I run a few fund raising tournaments and we actually get enough money to buy a PS2, mod it or give it a flip top, and buy an import copy of #R. We send in the goods so that the staff may use it for the tournament… but what happens to the PS2 after Evo? Is it sold? If so, what happens to the money? Does it go back to the donators or does the staff keep it for future tournaments?

I really don’t mind either way, but others may want to be reimbursed if they donate. Just making sure.

Anyone know how this would work?

of course, as long as it gets here in working condition, it wont be touched till tournament day.

its really up to the community, i could care less either way. if you want it back and no one complains then its yours. if you want to donate it to srk, we can do that also. your call.

Thanks for the quick reply. If that’s the case, I’ll have to let the donators decide what they want to do with the PS2 after it’s used at Evo. I’ll be sure to update in this thread once things get organized.

I was going to see what I was doing with my copy of Japanese #Reload, but Mr. Wizard needs to answer my pm. :confused:

you didnt ask me anything in that pm.

Ok then I’m trusting you Wizard. So now I need to know who is sending one here shortly so I can see if I should ship mine out soon.

I will keep my list as up to date as possible about who is sending/has sent their stuff. 2 need to show up by June 1, which is still over a month away so there’s no need to rush just yet (Evo is another 2 months after that, even).

Hey MrWiz: Would it be possible for the people donating these PS2s for the tournament to recieve a free entry to the event (just to get in, not to any tournaments)? I dunno how much shipping is going to cost on one of these things, but it’d be a nice show of appreciation for these guys that are donating their stuff.

Why does #R need to be on PS2 again?

Marma Duke!? Destroy mass media.

Doing so eliminates the possibility of converter lag. Yes, we know that a lot of people have converters that “work just fine”, but they’re not consistent enough to rely on for a tournament of this scale.

Remember! You can get PAL PS2 #r as well… ;D

Of course it’s 60Hz! Just letting other manz know! :stuck_out_tongue:

All California / Nevada / Anywhere people who can go PLEASE show up! :frowning:

So whats the updates so far guys? two people plan to send their ps2’s and how did the fund raiser go Kugler?

It would be nice for some more updates cause I REALLY dont want to play #R on Xbox…IVe had even good converts randomly decide they dont wanna work and I know full well what Render means. Its bit worse with a ps2 stick then a controller though I think.

Fund-raiser went well. We raised $80. I suppose the plan will to be to mod (flip top) a friend’s PS2 and then send it in to Evo staff. As far as in lending a game, we’re still looking into who will send in their game. We’ll have it all figured out soon enough.