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E V O L U T I O N . 2 0 0 6 . T O P . 8 . R E S U L T S

Evolution is over! Hope you enjoyed the weekend and the live coverage on AlphaISMRadio. Peace!

Dead or Alive 4

1st. Perfect Legend
2nd. DoaMaster
3rd. thehighguy
4th. King
5th (tie). Rikuto
5th (tie). Black Mamba
7th (tie). Justownin
7th (tie). Tom Brady

Tekken 5

1st. Crow
2nd. Bronson
3rd. Jra64
4th. Justin Wong
5th (tie). Jinmaster
5th (tie). Filthy
7th (tie). Arario
7th (tie). Jackie Tran

Anniversary Edition

1st. Alex Wolfe (ST Dhalsim, CE Bison)
2nd. Jason Nelson (ST Bison, CE Ryu)
3rd. Tokido (CE Bison)
4th. Alex Valle (CE Sagat, ST Ryu)
5th (tie). Graham Wolfe (ST Vega, ST Balrog)
5th (tie). Daigo (ST Ryu)
7th (tie). John Choi (HF Ryu)
7th (tie). AfroLegends (ST Balrog, ST Deejay)

(thanks Acer1236!)

  • Valle and Graham in losers.

  • Nelson vs A.Wolfe in WF.

  • Nelson loses, A.Wolfe gets at least 2nd!

  • Losers Bracket:

  • Graham vs. Tokido (1-2); Tokido wins w/ CE Bison!

  • Valle vs. Daigo! (2-0) Valle wins with CE Sagat!

  • Tokido vs Valle! (2-1) Down to the final round and the victor is…Tokido! with CE Bison!

  • Tokido vs. Nelson (1-2) Down to the last match again…Jason Nelson WINS

  • Alex Wolfe (CE Bison, ST Dhalsim) vs. Nelson (CE Ryu, ST Bison) GF1 (2-3) GF2(2-1)?

  • Alex Wolfe wins!

Guilty Gear XX Slash

1st. Ruu/Mint/BAS
2nd. Daigo/RF/Kindevu
3rd. Team Florida
4th. Cue/JuicyG/ElvenShadow

  • Daigo’s team wins 1 set in the grand finals…
  • Mint perfects Kindevu! OCVs Daigo’s team.

Capcom VS SNK 2

1st. Kindevu
2nd. Ricky
3rd. Combofiend
4th. Buktooth (not confirmed)
5th (tie). Justin Wong
5th (tie). Daigo (not confirmed)
7th (tie). Hail And Kill
7th (tie). ohayo1234

  • WINNERS: Ricky lost to Kindevu… 2-0
  • WINNERS: Combofiend starts with A-Groove Ken, loses to Daigo… switches to his Rock/Rolento/Eagle and WINS 2-1
  • LOSERS: Justin vs Hail And Kill… 2-1!
  • LOSERS: ohayo1234 vs Buktooth next!
  • LOSERS: Buk chooses Hibiki/Morrigan/Iori R2, Kim playing Rolento/Sagat/Blanka(?)… 2-0 Buktooth
  • WINNERS FINALS: Combofiend vs Kindevu… 2-0 Kindevu. Kindevu waits in Grand Finals, Combofiend waits in Losers Finals
  • LOSERS: Justin vs Ricky… Ricky up 1-0
  • LOSERS: Daigo vs Buktooth coming up

Marvel vs Capcom 2

1st. Justin Wong
2nd. Chunksta
3rd. Reset
4th. SooMighty
5th (tie). Yipes
5th (tie). Duc Do
7th (tie). Eder
7th (tie). JMar

  • WINNERS: SooMighty vs Justin Wong… 2-1 JUSTIN.
  • WINNERS FINALS: coming up in a bit, Justin Wong vs Reset
  • LOSERS: Yipes vs Eder… Yipes 2-0
  • WINNERS FINALS ON NOW: Reset vs Justin Wong
  • Justin Wong waiting in Grand Finals
  • Reset waiting in Losers Finals
  • Duc vs Chunksta NOW… Chunksta wins!
  • Soo vs Yipes NOW! SOO WINS 2-1
  • Soo vs Chunksta… Chunksta wins 2-0
  • Chunksta vs Reset Losers’ Finals, Chunksta wins 2-0
  • Justin Wong up 2-0

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike

1st. Nitto (Yun)
2nd. Issei (Yun)
3rd. Ohnuki (Chun-Li)
4th. Mester (Yun)
5th (tie). Tokido (Chun-Li, Urien)
5th (tie). Pyrolee (Yun)
7th (tie). Amir (Chun-Li)
7th (tie). Alex Valle (Ken)

  • WINNERS: Nitto vs Pyrolee 2-1, Pyrolee to losers, Nitto to Winners’ Finals
  • WINNERS: Ohnuki vs Tokido. Tokido switches to Urien for second round, Ohnuki takes it 2-0 Tokido in Losers
  • LOSERS: Mester vs Alex Valle… Mester 2-0. VALLE IS OUT
  • LOSERS: Amir vs Issei… Issei 2-1, AMIR OUT
  • WINNERS FINALS: Ohnuki vs Nitto… Nitto defeats Nuki 2-1. Nitto waits in Grand Finals, Nuki waiting in Losers Finals
  • LOSERS: Pyrolee vs Mester… Mester 2-0
  • LOSERS: Issei vs Tokido… Issei 2-0
  • LOSERS: Mester vs Issei… Issei 2-1
  • LOSERS FINAL: Issei vs Ohnuki… 2-1
  • GRAND FINALS - Nitto vs Issei

~$1000 Money Match - SooMighty vs SmoothViper

  • SooMighty takes it 10-9! Vids up soon courtesy of RoTeNdO!

$6600 Money Match - Sanford Kelly DEFEATS Duc Do - FOOTAGE UP (THANKS ILLUZIONZ/FMJ!!!)

Finals Schedule

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http://www.alphaism.com:8000 - #alphaISMradio@EFNet

9:00 AM - 10:00 AM Mario Kart DS Finals
10:00 AM - 11:30 AM Dead or Alive 4 Finals
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM Tekken 5 Finals
1:00 PM - 2:30 PM Hyper SF2 Finals
2:30 PM - 4:00 PM Guilty Gear XX Finals
4:00 PM - 6:00 PM Capcom vs SNK 2 Finals
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM Marvel vs Capcom 2 Finals
7:30 PM - 9:00 PM Street Fighter III Finals

MP3 of Alex Valle vs Daigo (live on AlphaISM radio) (thanks Kurse318!)

Team Tournaments

3rd Strike (thanks Arlieth!)

  • WC2 vs EC: Gootecks(UR) beats Exodus(YU), Gootecks(UR) loses to Henry Cen(??), Ed Ma(KE) loses to Henry Cen(??), MutantXP(??) playing Henry Cen(??)
  • WC1 Beats TX, WC2 Beats EC, currently: WC1 vs EC

Marvel vs Capcom 2 (thanks Deuseybill!)

  • JMar/Duc/Rowtron win the Team Tournament!
  • Team Sean Connery vs Empire Trinity: Potter defeats Sanford and Hyo, and loses to Justin.
  • JAL GRACES JUSTIN to defeat Justin’s team!
  • Upcoming matches: Team Sean Connery vs Team Impossible (Duc, JMar, Row)
  • Connery loses to Impossible
  • Upcoming matches: Team Mike Ross vs Team Nor Cal
  • Mike Ross loses to Nor Cal
  • Team Sean Connery beats Yipes’ team

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Top 8

Winners: Ohnuki / Pyrolee / Nitto / Tokido
Losers: Issei / Alex Valle / Amir / Mester

General Information

  • Ohnuki in the same pool as Daigo, both of them qualify
  • Nuki in winners, Daigo in losers
  • Hungbee defeats Raoh in semis (with Oro!)
  • Daigo defeats FlashG and Fubarduck
  • Justin Wong knocks out Raoh 2-1
  • Alex Valle KNOCKS OUT Daigo in a Ken mirror match. Daigo is ELIMINATED.
  • Valle eliminates Hungbee
  • Exodus eliminated by Ricky and Nitto
  • Mester eliminates Ricky
  • Issei eliminates Justin Wong
  • Amir defeats Ken I to qualify
  • Issei defeats KSK to qualify

Capcom VS SNK 2

CvS2 Final 8 (thanks ComboFiend!)

Winners: Ricky vs Kindevu, Combofiend vs Daigo
Losers: ohayo1234 / Hail And Kill / Buktooth / Justin Wong

Highlights from Combofiend!

  • Combofiend gets to play ino again and barely wins!
  • Justin beats bas, who then gets eliminated by a 1 pixel timeover victory from ohayo.
  • Smoothcat loses to Kindevu then gets eliminated by ohayo.
  • Daigo’s irrational “balls out” style against jwong, thereby putting him in losers.
  • EvilElvis barely losing to kindevu, but beating tokido to make it out of pools.
  • Mago loses to both Nitto and Bas.
  • Nitto loses to Ricky (almost double OCVs) then loses to Hail And Kill.
  • Ohnuki loses to Ricky (pretty badly) and then gets crossed up with morrigan 50 billion times since Buktooth could not land a super.

Pool Info

  • Hail And Kill defeats Nestor
  • BAS rapes Sanford
  • Combofiend rapes Amir
  • Tokido defeats Kindevu! (???)
  • Top 32 about to start…

Top 32

  • Justin Wong defeats BAS!!!
  • Alex Valle defeats another Japanese player?
  • Kim-Hahn Hoang (ohayo1234) ELIMINATES BAS!
  • Daigo puts Justin Wong into the losers

Street Fighter II: Anniversary Edition

Street Fighter II: Anniversary Edition Final 8

Winners: Alex Valle / Alex Wolfe / Graham Wolfe / Jason Nelson
Losers: Tokido / Daigo / Afro Legends / John Choi

General Information

  • Word has it that Jason Nelson puts Daigo to losers in AE (CE Sagat vs CE Guile?)
  • DSP is out of AE! Valle “raped the shit out of him”
  • Alex/Graham in Top 8?

Marvel vs Capcom 2

Marvel Vs Capcom 2 Top 8

Winners: Justin Wong / SooMighty / Reset / Chunksta
Losers : Yipes / Eder / Duc / JMar

Money Matches:

  • SmoothViper 5-1 over Genghis for $50
  • SmoothViper takes Cableguy’s $50 5-2
  • SmoothViper defeats Nismor 5-1
  • Rowtron defeats Potter (6-0?)

General Pool Updates:

One of the pools for Marvel vs Capcom 2 reportedly contains a large amount of top players. Known participants in this pool are as follows:

  • Duc Do (2 time Marvel vs Capcom 2 world champion, defending his title at Evo 2k6)
  • Sanford Kelly (first player to break Justin Wong’s undefeated streak, and often thought of as #2 in the world)
  • Rodolfo Castro (Evo and ECC runner up to Justin Wong, formerly reknowned as #2 player)
  • Phat Toi (pad hero)
  • Carnevil (one of TX’s best players)
  • Mike Ross (SoCal top player)

Tourney Updates

  • Sanford defeats Mike Ross 2-1 in winners
  • Duc sends Sanford to losers!
  • Row in losers
  • Row defeats Mike fucking Ross
  • Sanford is OUT. This is the first year Sanford has attended a B/Evo event, and he was not able to qualify. He was defeated by none other than former Evo runner up Rodolfo Castro (Rowtron)
  • SooMighty defeats Genghis
  • Ace (Taiji) loses to Eder from FL
  • JMar and Randy Lew defeat Isaac in pools
  • Xecutioner out!

Qualifiers for Top 32

  • SmoothViper defeats Combofiend and qualifies in winnerrs
  • Combofiend qualifiers in losers
  • Ruin qualifies after knocking out Pigadoken (JAL)!

Top 32

  • Finesse loses to JMar
  • Finesse eliminated by Randy Lew
  • Duc graces Wigfall 2-0
  • Reset beats DucJr
  • Fanatiq vs Chunk… Fanatiq wins?
  • Golden Nismor (B5 5th place) in winners… puts SmoothViper into losers due to stick failure
  • Reset beats DemonHyo!
  • Yipes vs Potter in 10 minutes!
  • Yipes beats Potter one match, and Potter FORFEITS… Potter vs Erik (SmoothViper) in losers
  • Ruin vs DemonHyo
  • Potter vs Smooth … Santhrax vs Scrub and then Santhrax mirror…
  • POTTER OUT 2-1 Smooth
  • Randy Lew rapes Eder in losers
  • Reportedly Soo makes a 1 pixel comeback against Duc in Winners…
  • Confirmed, Soo puts Duc in losers
  • Chris Schmidt vs Erik SmoothViper LIVE right now… 2-0 Chris
  • Chris S vs Duc 0-2… DUC WINS
  • Chunksta defeats Yipes and knocks him into the losers 2-0.
  • Yipes vs Genghis

Tekken 5

  • Winners: Filthy / Bronson / JWong / Crow
  • Losers: Arario / Jinmaster / jra64 / JackieTran

GGXX Slash (thanks MJ and shadowcharlie!)

  • Winners: Daigo/Kindebu/RF vs Mint/Ruu/??? (Yukinose maybe?)
  • Losers : Cue (?) /Juicy G (Sol) /ElvenShadow (Faust)
    vs Team Florida

Other Information (from shadowcharlie’s thread - click here)

  • kensous team qualifys outa pools winners
  • so does daigos team (or should i say RFs team lol)
  • Cue/Elven/Juicy (team nebraska) quals losers under daigos team
  • team katrina lose to mius team both times
  • tons of ocvs by team houston and team katrina
  • final showdowns team is out via braska
  • marteeen is hella shyyy and ocved the MIU team with ABA
  • heidern98 simon and jammar over team houston so they qually in winners? and houston in loseres

Dead or Alive 4

  • Winners: rikuto vs highguy, black mamba vs doamaster
  • Losers : justownin vs perfect legend, king vs tom brady

That first Marvel pool makes me sick. I talked with Justin Wong during T7 about how the West Coast organizers would put the screws to the East Coast players just like how they ran Justin vs Yipes in the same pool at EVO East. How many pools are there? 16? 8? and you’re telling me that the generally considered 2nd best Marvel player in the world has to be in the same pool as last year’s winner and a two time runner up? Did a blind monkey pick top players out of a hat? Garbage…

omfg des and sanford out??? wow…

Who beat X?

duc to losers by soo

8 IIRC and they were random, and if you think that you guys know who to rig the bracket for so well, check the results, and see if your ready to hand out those seeds again for internet theory fighter…

When you have THAT many big names, a lot of them are going to be put into the same pool.
Everybody was saying Sanford was going to wreck everybody not named Justin or Yipes anyhow, right?

Sure there might be some WC bias, but can you seriously say there are only 8-16 really good players who have a good shot at qualifying? Geez, you act like nobody else had a hard pool. Sanford hasn’t been to any Evo events period prior to this, at least he didn’t have to play like all EC or something.

There will never be a tournament where everybody is happy with brackets or pools. Sanford was “supposed” to go and beat everybody anyhow, right? So why do brackets matter then? Fact is he didn’t qualify, which is a shame but hey that’s how it goes in a tournament. ONE tournament doesn’t prove anything, right? Let Sanford come back next year or whatever and prove this was a fluke, but you are in no place to whine about brackets that you aren’t even a part of.

Sanford’s got nothing to be ashamed about.

Pools were apparently terrible for all games. T5 had a pool with Qudans (top Korean Mishima), Ryan Hart (top European Mishima), Rip (Cali Law), and Mr Naps (Cali Bryan). Qudans and Ryan Hart both coming from overseas don’t make it out.

Last year they had Jinmaster, Ricky Ortiz, and JOP all in the same pool together.

Actually, he’s been preaching a lot of trash talk ‘bout takin’ EVO all the way. Boy he pulled a really bad pool to defend his word.

Maybe he forgot about the best damn Cable ever - ROWTRON

People whining about pools need to ask themselves this- if you don’t beat the guys in your pool, what makes you think playing them after pools would be so much better?
In the end it just goes to show that the #2 spot in Marvel is up for grabs and whoever is hungry enough and consistent enough this weekend is going to take it. Let’s just see if someone besides JWong can take #1 as well.

wait, any reason or story of why Potter forfeited against Yipes?

This is turning out to be one of the greatest EVOs of all time.

I can’t wait for the DVD :slight_smile:

OK right there is a fuck up. Qualifying pools aren’t meant to be a crapshoot. If you put Justin/Duc/Soo/Yipes/Sanford/Row/Potter while you put everyone else in balanced pools, you’re going to end up with the top players crushing each other before they’re supposed to. Why do you think we have rankings in tournaments to begin with? It’s to avoid THIS EXACT SITUATION. Three players who people could easily see legit being top five in the tourney had to face off in pools early. You balance the pools, the best break through and face the best in the end.

hopefully not a year later, j/k

When your system of determining top players is made up on the internet and who’s friends with who instead of with a objective scoring system, it’s useless.

People can be decieved, and again, I think the results are proving that.

A bracket error is when you lose to the #1 and #2 player and get 64th when your the 3rd best player.

Here people are losing to other people that didn’t qualify themselves, losing to people that would have been ranked considerably lower by ‘common knowledge’ systems , it’s not a bracket error, it’s player error at that point IMO.

This is re: marvel, i don’t know enough about the tekken situation to know whether it applies.

Looks like Sanford is cursed. He can’t beat Rowtron.

this is total bullshit… sanford out in the most wrecked bracket of all time.

… how about all you “this is just random… blah blah … penis tastes yummy” srk nutthuggers pick a bracket that would have been bigger bullshit in all of mvc2. and that doesnt mean some 3s or ggxx nerd speculating on past tourney results. take into account not only skill, but region, and the potential for counter teams who just happen to be the main teams of many folks in this completely fucked bracket taking out folks who have 3x more skill than the ones who lost.

… though i was pullin for duc last year due to my preemptive(though hella lucky) vote that he would win… i hope the entire west coast(sans soo for being illmatic) drops the soap and feels yipes’ penis slide through the state of cali one by one for letting crap like this take place on your “neutral”(yeah nevada is so far from cali… pssh) ground.

edit forgot to mention… run this shit in an arcade like anyone with testicles should prefer… see how these results change. over and out.

lol nagata lock ALWAYS takes the 2nd post under every major tourney results thread

i think i’m hearin’ Chunksta beatin’ Yipes just now. Ow for dbycrash.

row :frowning: