Evo 2006 match vid request


Please someone tape all matches that INO is in.

chris schmidt vs duc

cvs2 combofiendd


floridas secret weapon.

I know someone got some footage of clock\kai hopefully preppy got them. I cant stand it when rookies hold the camera.

Don’t matter which games recorded, I’ll take everything.

me vs pyro please

Kenzilla: I have a couple of Kai’s matches in the team tourney, I think. Amusingly enough, my team (MegaTron: Ranma/me (same Megaman/Cable/Tron team) + Bernie) took out his team. But he’s fascinating to watch. Clock wasn’t there to the best of my knowledge.

If anybody caught me vs Vercette, I think we’d both like to see that - we’re both curious as to how his Cable got so beasted on. :lol:
Vercette: I did get a bunch of your matches, of course, including 2 or 3 of your money matches with Soo. :tup:

Did anybody catch JWong’s amazing Psylocke comeback against Genghis? Please tell me somebody caught that. I don’t think Potter taped that (I know he was filming some too), but the world needs to see that - that was amazing.

so, what footage are we allowed to post? if it’s from finals, it’s a no go or what? what’s legal?

lol… this year prep, I know I wasn’t any good… my soul was broken when MY stick wasn’t working properly… damn the british hi-jackers, fuck em to hell!!!

No movies from the big screen allowed.
No movies from Tekken 5.
No movies from the final 8 at all.

Everything else is fair game.


does anyone have matches from cvs2 semi’s that were NOT on the bigscreen?

Some note…able cvs2 vid requests would be, ino vs combofiend(if that wasnt on the big screen), warren vs tokido, tokido vs kindebu, other shit.

ino vs combofiend was on the bigscreen


I know there was at least 3 people recording RPS… Where is it.

Anyone recordmy AE matches? Spence, if you are reading this thread, you recorded our match right? Did you get me vs. Choi by any chance?

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