Get ready to order this epic set.

This is… AWESOME!!!


I’m happy, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

Can’t wait for this :lovin: whats the prices gonna be for the dvd this year?

Roughly the same as last year, and im also fixing the canada shipping prices and making them the same as the US.

Where’s DAT TRAILER? Don’t tell me James is slackin’ again. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to the DVDs! GET HYPE!

Do Premium members get to order them first?

More money to give you.
Ah well.
It’s for the good of SRK.

Also, I asked you this in another thread but will there be a 3rd disc for extra’s I.E. combo exhibition videos and stuff shown at 2k7?


Tuesday is my birthday. You know what’s up, Wiz.

I dont talk about content on the DVDs till they are out, you will just have to wait and see!

So changing the date to Wed.


I almost killed James by him working on the DVD, he sound synced some of the finals since our audio was taped at a low level, but he did say he was going to try to get a trailer soon.

digital love~


This is the best birthday ever…

EVO2k7 DVD and VF5 for 360…

God is smiling on me right now :lovin:

My international order will be ready when they’re available. Gotta get DAT DVD set quickly!

That’s dumb. So we don’t get to know what’s on it before we buy it?

I was referring to extra content, not the base content.

30th is the date for everyone to buy it?
when do (if they still do) premiums get a crack at it?

Thanks for the clarification Wiz. You rock.



you can check the premium forums for more information!