Evo 2007 Las Vegas. People needed for Suite at Green Valley Ranch -cheap!

I booked a suite for evo, I need a few more people for the room.

Green Valley Ranch

Its $40 a night starting from 23-27
This means 4 days
23,24,25,26 and leave 27 around noon checkout time.

You can stay partial the time but if you confirm you’re in, please be in for good. If you think its maybe please say maybe.

The room will have mostly Guilty Gear People but anyone is welcome to the room. We’ll be sure to have systems and stuff so people can practice. especially on the 23rd since thats a day before evo, basically a practice and socializing day.

So if anyone is interested reply here or email me
karlkablisk @gmail.com


  • KKL*[/COLOR]

I already have a room on the strip but would love to be able to practice at the venue I’ll give you $40 bucks no problem…I mainly play cvs 2 but would love to learn guilty gear hit me up at bsnsssman@yahoo.com Basically im giving you $40 just play to every now an a couple hours here a couple there during EVO this is a sure thing so let me know if this is cool