EVO 2007: The Countdown

I developed and released an EVO 2007 countdown widget for mac os x. Keep track of your training as this widget counts down and lets you know how many days left until EVO!

**This widget is currently counting down to EVO EAST… once EVO EAST takes place it will be updated and begin counting down to EVO NORTH, then EVO WEST, and then… you guessed it… EVO WORLD!

It’s up on apple.com… DOWNLOAD IT!! It’s dope.

Here’s The Link:


Designed, Developed, and Released by your’s truly… If you run windows vista and are xml-savvy, please feel free to convert this into a gadget (allegedly it is very easy to do… but to me everything windows in unneccessarily hard to do.)

also be on the lookout for new custom arcade stick manufacturer KaraDemon Concepts… coming soon to an internet near you!