Evo 2007 West Photos for Your Viewing Pleasure!

Evo West Photos:

Comic Con Photos:

Udon Cosplayers Photos:

Match videos are coming soon. Super Turbo videos will be up very shortly. Others have already covered 3rd Strike, MvC2, and GGXXS it seems (though if I have time, I’ll still try to release SRK versions of those). I’ll probably do CvS2 after ST.

Nice pics doo…

LOL At the Ryu Move Chart. That was a good idea for pictures.

Thanks for showing us the pics.

very cool photos james, thanks for taking time and taking them!

Awesome pictures! Thanks, James! :smiley:

Nice Ryu move chart! Who was the Ibuki cosplayer? I think she was the best SF cosplayer there, then Ryu, Jun, and Bison.

I was hoping on seeing a pic of me playing some VF, but I end up in a pic when Jaha and Choi were playing the lunch match lol. I was wearing the volcom tee with the sweat bands Yaris girls were handing out.

Too bad the Ryu move chart was inaccurate.
He mixed in Ryu’s alpha 1 & 2 standing strong with his SF3 low strong, and his stand roundhouse is done totally wrong in any game. It’s always been a reverse hook kick with his rear foot with his back always facing away from us.


Sadly… I didn’t even need a reference chart for that. Just knew it off the top of my head.


^calm down RockCho, it’s not the end of the world! :lol: It’s just a pic, you can tell by the pic that the roundhouse shot was taken late/early, but either way it is a great pic regardless if he was backwards. Good shit!

These are pretty good, thanks for providing them. :stuck_out_tongue:

i always enjoy your pics, thanks for taking and sharing them.

Rofl at the black yun.

Adon’s hair > all

awesome pics :tup:


Lots of funny pics. Chunksta “WTF?” Face, clock’s “I’mma KILL YOU” face. priceless.