Evo 2008 Closed All Day Thursday, Brackets Online NOW!

Why is Kusumondo in the ST brackets twice? He’s in under “Kusu Mondo” and also “Takeaki Kusuhara”.

Pool C in ST is DAMN! stacked!!!

I’m in pool B for 3s anyone else in there with me?

Look at the top of this page.

I’m sorry I don’t know everyone here’s name so I was hoping if someone was in my pool they woud say so. I apologize for asking.

pool F in CvS2 is pretty stacked. Ricky ortiz and Justin Wong… yikes.

Pool G in CvS2 on the other hand seems pretty bare compared to the rest.

So let me get this straight. 8 pools per game, 2 qualifiers from each pool. 16 people in semis? So if you make it into semis in winners and win one more game you’re in the final 8? Correct??


Sounds right to me.

Good luck to all the real CvS2 players. Make it happen guys.

And best of luck to Clockw0rk winning his cvs2 pool. This is your time to shine son.

That pool is yours for the raping.

wow it’s gonna be Justin vs Chunksta in the GF again for marvel.

Get’em CHUNK!!!


whats yipes real name? dont see him on the bracket, same with soo and saford

Sanford isn’t coming. He has his brothers wedding that weekend.

hmmm… no yipes? -_-

hahaha!! orochi noid?? nice… too bad we all remember yer name… :slight_smile:

ok… so lets see. no soo, shady, sanford, yipes, seattle, dp, chris schmidt? who else is missing in mvc2?


There’s a guy in your pool who’s gonna play Claw. I know him.


Pablo’s pool is hot fiya.

no Finesse, no Duc.

Pool C is yours for the taking Carlos

after my pool, brackets closed. no way in hell am i getting out of this one…