Evo 2008 Results Thread! (updated as they come in)

Top 8 Brackets for Finals Sunday (in game order):

CvS2 - Top 8


John Choi (C-Ken/Cammy/Sagat) vs. BAS (A-Vega/Bison/Blanka) - Choi beats BAS 2-0
Ricky Ortiz (A-Vega/Sakura/Blanka) vs. Tokido (A-Vega/Blanka/Bison) - Ricky beats Tokido 2-0

John Choi vs. Ricky Ortiz - Choi beats Ricky 2-1


Combofiend (K-Ken/Rolento/Cammy) vs. Gene Wong (A-Vega/Bison/Blanka) - Gene Wong beats Combofiend 2-1
Buktooth (N-Iori/Morrigan/Hibiki) vs. Justin Wong (C-Vega/Cammy/Sagat) - Justin beats Buktooth 2-1

Gene Wong vs. BAS - BAS beats Gene Wong 2-0
Justin Wong vs. Tokido - Justin Wong beats Tokido 2-0

Justin Wong vs. BAS - BAS beats Justin Wong 2-1

BAS vs. Ricky Ortiz - BAS beats Ricky Ortiz 2-1

Grand Finals:

John Choi vs. BAS - BAS wins first set 2-0, but Choi takes next set 2-0.

John Choi wins!

Final Results:

1st - John Choi
2nd - BAS
3rd - Ricky Ortiz
4th - Justin Wong
5th - Tokido/Gene Wong
7th - Combofiend/Buktooth

Tekken DR - Top 8


Gandido (Devil Jin) vs. Lingmassacre (Xiaoyu)- Gandido beats Lingmassacre 2-1
Ryan Hart (Kazuya) vs. KOR (Ganryu) - Ryan Hart beats KOR 2-1

Gandido vs. Ryan Hart - Ryan Hart beats Gandido (score?)


Owen (King) vs. Rip (Law) - Owen beats Rip 2-1
Som (?) vs. Cano (Eddy) - Cano beats Som 2-0

Owen vs. Lingmassacre - Owen beats Lingmassacre 2-1
KOR vs. Cano - Cano beats KOR 2-0

Owen vs. Cano - Cano beats Owen (score?)

Cano vs. Gandido - Gandido beats Cano (score?)

Grand Finals:

Gandido vs. Ryan Hart - Ryan Hart beats Gandido 3-2

Edit: Crazy drama involving technical failure in first set with match at 2-2 (finals is 3/5), final round, Gandido up on life. They replay the last game, with Ryan Hart winning 3 straight rounds.

Ryan Hart wins!

Final Results:

1st - Ryan Hart
2nd - Gandido
3rd - Cano
4th - Owen
5th - Lingmassacre/KOR
7th - Rip/Som

Third Strike - Top 8


Tokido (Chun) vs. Amir (Chun) - Amir beats Tokido 2-0
JR Rodriguez (Akuma) vs. Justin Wong (Chun) - Justin beats JR 2-1

Amir vs. Justin Wong - Justin Wong beats Amir 2-0


Fubarduck (Chun) vs. Ryan Hart (Yun/Ken) - Fubarduck beats Ryan Hart 2-1
Nuki (Chun) vs. Mike Watson (Ken) - Nuki beats Mike Watson 2-0

Tokido vs. Fubarduck - Tokido beats Fubarduck 2-0
Nuki vs. JR Rodriguez - Nuki beats JR 2-0

Tokido vs. Nuki - Nuki beats Tokido 2-1

Amir vs. Nuki - Nuki beats Amir 2-0

Grand Finals:

Justin Wong vs. Nuki - Nuki wins first set 3-0, then wins 2nd set 3-2

Nuki wins!

Final Results:

1st - Nuki
2nd - Justin Wong
3rd - Amir
4th - Tokido
5th - JR/Fubarduck
7th - Watson/Ryan Hart

Edit: According to Jinrai, apparently some drama went down after Ryan Hart had a migraine or something during his match against JR and collapsed after the set was over. He’s supposed to play HungBee for the last spot, but they’re delaying it to Sunday or something.

Update: Ryan Hart beats HungBee 2-1 to take last spot in top 8.

Brawl - Top 8


Ken vs. Darwin - Ken beats Darwin
Hall vs. CPU - CPU beats Hall

Ken vs. CPU - CPU beats Ken


Bardull vs. Peapo - Peapo beats Bardull
SK97 vs. WDRM - SK92 beats WDRM

SK97 vs. Darwin - SK97 beats Darwin
Peapo vs. Hall - Hall beats Peapo

SK97 vs. Hall - Hall beats SK97

Ken vs. Hall - Ken beats Hall

Grand Finals:

Ken vs. CPU - CPU beats Ken

CPU wins!

Final Results:

1st - CPU
2nd - Ken
3rd - Hall
4th - SK97
5th - Darwin/Peapo
7th - WDRM/Bardull

Super Turbo - Top 8


Nuki (Chun) vs. Sirlin (a bunch of characters) - Nuki beats Sirlin 2-0
Alex Valle (Shotos) vs. Kusumondo (Honda) - Valle beats Kusumondo 2-0

Nuki vs. Alex Valle - Nuki beats Valle 2-0


Tokido (Claw) vs. Justin Wong (Claw/O.Sagat?) - Tokido beats Justin 2-1
Shirts (Sim) vs. John Choi (Shotos/O.Sagat) - John Choi beats Shirts 2-0

Tokido vs. Sirlin - Tokido beats Sirlin 2-0
Choi vs. Kusumondo - Choi beats Kusumondo 2-0

Tokido vs. Choi - Choi beats Tokido 2-1

Choi vs. Valle - Choi beats Valle 2-0

Grand Finals:

Nuki vs. Choi - Choi wins first set 3-1, then wins second set 3-2

John Choi wins ST!

Final Results:

1st - John Choi
2nd - Nuki
3rd - Alex Valle
4th - Tokido
5th - Kusumondo/Sirlin
7th - Justin Wong/Shirts

MvC2 - Top 8


Chunksta vs. Toan aka totaltoanage - Chunk beats Toan 2-0
Justin Wong vs. Wes aka Blockable Laser - Justin beats Wes 2-0

Chunksta vs. Justin Wong - Chunksta beats Justin Wong 2-1


Crizzle vs. MegamanDS - Crizzle beats MegamanDS 2-0
Smoothviper vs. Fanatiq - Smoothviper beats Fanatiq 2-1

Toan vs. Crizzle - Crizzle beats Toan 2-0
Wes vs. Smoothviper - Smoothviper beats Wes 2-1

Smoothviper vs. Crizzle - Smoothviper beats Crizzle 2-0

Smoothviper vs. Justin Wong - Justin Wong beats Smoothviper 2-0

Grand Finals:

Chunksta vs. Justin Wong - Justin Wong wins first set 3-0, second set 3-1

Justin Wong wins Marvel for the 6th time in Evo history!

Final Results:

1st - Justin Wong
2nd - Chunksta
3rd - Smoothviper
4th - Crizzle
5th - Toan/Wes
7th - MegamanDS/Fanatiq

Street Fighter 4 8-Man Invitational Tourney Results:

1st - Kindevu (Rufus)
2nd - Justin Wong (Abel)
3rd - John Choi and Nuki

Guilty Gear AC Singles Side Tourney Results:

1st - Elvenshadow (Faust)
2nd - Blacksnake (Venom)
3rd - Nerina (Baiken)
4th - Hellmonkey (Baiken)
5th - Harbinger (Millia)
5th - Frank the Tank (May)

Apparently there were 83 (!) total entrants, and only 3 TV’s to run the entire tourney on.

Guilty Gear AC Teams Side Tourney Results:

1st - Team Midwest (Elvenshadow/Blacksnake/AKA)
2nd - Team Japan (Miu/Nerina/Hellmonkey)
3rd - Team Latif & Friends (Latif/Digital Watches/Hellsap)
4th - Team Mike Z (Mike Z/Pulsr/Shtkn)

A total of 20 teams entered.

Gandido and Cano, nice. Good luck to all the players.

Is anyone posting updates on mIRC? If so, what channel?

Yay two mishima players in top 8 winners. Weird not seeing arario or insanelee. Good shit with the updates Brendon.

good shit Ryan H.

From what I was told Bronson didnt go.

good shit Ryan H!

any news on the 3s results?


efnet - #capcom

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4 chuns in the top 8? tokido using chun now right?

edit: 5 chuns! justin in winners? done! oh shit hungbee! Go Oro! Fuck these chuns up.

SIX Chuns.

thanks for the updates :clap: and i thought tokido’s been using chun.

gandido you a fucking king!

gooo shit JR

Good shit Justin (LingMassacre)!!!

Damn son, thats a lot of Chun!

got it! thanks a lot.

What an Akuma player comes in top 8, tokido, amir, nuki. WHAT!? gs to the US players. Only If Amir could have represented for SBO… sigh.

JR plays Akuma, not Chun

I hope JR pulls it off, it’d be nice to see an Akuma beating out all those Chuns

That’s not the final results, that’s just who’s in top 8. Not saying JR can’t eventually win the whole thing, but don’t get too excited just yet.

That said, lol at all the Chuns.


one time!