EVO 2008 ST Players - contact list


To make it easier to find people to play ST for casual or mm’s please add your contact info here.

Here is mine.

Name: Hung Huynh (Charcoal)
Cell: 1-612-310-6019
Hotel: Tropicana
Room number: 213
Arrival time: Thursday 11:45PM
Comments: I’m bringing my own Dreamcast with a copy of ST and 2 joysticks


this is a great idea. wish this wouldve been created sooner.

Name: Felix aka GamerTron
Cell: 702-328-0330
Hotel: I live here
Room Number: I live here
Arrival Time: Aug 22, 1982
Comments: Im dieing to play!

fatboy: 619 889 0070
I am staying at the tropicana
I get there LATE friday night.
Call me to play,

Name: John Liu
Room: Tropicana Paradise Tower 628
Cell: 401 829 2144

The TV in my room has no accessible inputs though. Anybody else having this problem?

I think everyone is having the same problem. Unless you bring your own TV set…

Ok I’m here at Tropicana room 213, but can’t use the hotel TV.
Anyone know of anyone playing ST at the hotel please reply here.


I just got here too.

Room: 231
Cell: PM me if you need that.
I have: Dreamcast, TDC, 2 PS2->DC adapters, 1 PS2 stick, 1 XBox360 stick

I called the front desk and they said that NONE of the TVs in the building are setup to connect to game consoles. WTF?!

Well, Im gonna hop in the shower and get unpacked. If there’s some ST going on here tonight, post up where it’s happenin.

EDIT: I’ve got a DC but no RF adapter to hook it up to my TV :frowning:

Valaris, tsukihimeblood and myself are in room 1014.

Get at us.

PM me for my cell number so we can meet up.

Hi Stuart,

I just called your room 1014 but got no answer. I’m in 213.

Did anyone bring a TV?


PM sent.

Hi Stuart,

PM replied. Forgot to ask for your cell. Let’s meet up tomorrow morning!


I’m in rm. 424, here until monday morning…

Anyone want ST casuals lemme know!

253 804 9233