Evo 2008! Will they keep the same format and games?

I would like to know if the EVO is going to follow the same format than 2007? I’m saying this because some friends in Mexico (Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas) plan to go at least to the south event at Austin, the closer one to us, can anyone confirm me this?

Another question: what about the games? I hope they keep the same ones, but, what about Smash Bros Melee? Now that Brawl is coming out will Melee still be considered to be at the tournament?

Please someone confirm this.

Anyone who is living at Nuevo Laredo, or near to it, and is willing to go to EVO 2008 please refer to this threads cause we already planning to go! http://smash-mex.tk/ under Retas y torneos, with the subject EVO 2008

No one can confirm that yet. You’ll get your answer when Evo 2k8 is announced. Until then…

im pretty sure they will switch out ST for STHD for evo2008 8)

I hope they keep the same games, but we just have to wait and see.

You will have to wait until February … like every year.

AC had 71 players at NEC so uh fuck that marn drama and keep this ish guys!:rofl:

Yah I really do hope that GG:AC and VF5 are seriously considered for the next evo. Recent releases have made those two games quite a bit more popular here in the US since last Evo.

heard they were getting rid of OBD.

if they do the remix will they use the new(changes) or original (no changes) version of the remix?

Why does this thread exist?

dont hold your breath for vf5

No games have been ruled in or out at this point.

I’m definitely down for a VF5 side tourney if one goes down. Dunno if VF5 being released on 360 did enough to give the game another shot at Evo. Would be nice to not see it go the way of DOA4. I think the main problem though is that there will be problems as to which system to play VF5 on.

Obviously 360 would be a good choice since it is based on the most recent version that is being played at SBO. Yet…there are people who will have PS3 pads/sticks that will obviously have trouble using them on the 360. I don’t know how severe the changes are between version B and version C but I can imagine it’s not too much where players just can’t get adjusted. It would definitely be one of the more complicated games to run at Evo IMO.

Then why toy with my emotions on irc

VF5 would not be too bad, I am sure there are tons of new playeres thanks to xbox live. Well, at least it’s better than DOA.

I was wondering if they have SF machines for us to practice on before August 8th at the Tropicana. I’m guessing previous tourney veterans can answer this. Many thanks in advance!