Evo 2009 Live Streamed?

What games do you think should be live streamed at this years evo 2009 and why?

sf4, is a ‘why’ really needed?

well I’d like to see what high level tvc play looks like.

Do you think the stream will hold up with the frame rates?

idk man your asking the wrong person lol, i was just saying TvC doesn’t have as much tourney video out there as the others and it would be cool to see how it operates when the best play.

They should do the live stream with live interviews with it i’d say an hour of each game should be fine if they do consider live streaming. :tup:

They are not going to live stream anything. Why would they when they are selling dvds of the matches. They also ask players not to distribute videos of the top 16 man brackets for each game they may have recorded.

Quote from this thread that is sticked on the top of this subforum:

Can you record matches:
We allow recording to the extend that you don’t upload the footage. Please keep it to yourself and for your own personal use. We produce a DVD and dont want any of the footage on the internet before we have a chance to release it.

There you have it.

Why this maybe true, still doesnt matter if it is live streamed or not because the fans will support the dvd. Even if they see the finals on live stream, there going to want a copy of it on dvd just to say they have it. This thread is intended to expand new ideas to bring more hype to the tournament NOT to take away from dvd sales. AS the thread title stated. If evo 2009 had live stream. What games would you want to see?


I figure the games and the people up to the finals would be ok, Evo staff won’t do it they have enough on their hands but if someone else wants to it should be fine. Again just do Thurs, Fri, Saturday events and you’ll be fine.

That would be 2 good. Have some evo models do the interviews with the top champions. Would bring more online viewers and HYPE!

This ain’t happening. Got my hopes up till I saw the topic was made by random nobody.

It would be hype if something like J.Wong vs. Valle got streamed. Not counting on that either though.

I don’t know dude, I’ve been hearing chatter in #Capcom. Nothing concrete of course.

Wow. Cant wait to see you at evo. Ill be wearing my airbrushking gear. Please say something to me. Not a random nobody SIRRRR…

live stream plz

Roger that. For whats games would you like to see?

If it’s happening I’d like to see HDR and SF4 for sure.

They live stream a few years back…


Inkblot: “We’re going to have a stream at Evo.”

He said this during an unscheduled appearance on the e-sports podcast Live On Three a few weeks ago. If you download the audio recording of the show, the specific money-quote I’m referring to is at the 1h:20m:00s mark. (link to thread)

Just a little FYI for anyone who missed it (probably everyone).

Thank you for clearing the air. What games are you looking forward to seeing?

little angry?