Evo 2009 on ESPN


Wiz, first off you and all your people threw and incredible event, top notch. This event was so great that it deserves an hour slot on ESPN. ESPN could do for fighting games what they did for Texas Holdem’

If you were able to take the footage edit it down to the great matches show casing the top fighters like ESPN does with athletes. Redub the announcing with Seth Killian as play by play and Dogface as commentator it would be gold. Show the grand finals and talk about the history leading up to this event. This could take SF to another level. This was the Super Bowl of fighting games and if showcased properly this could really evolve.


This is a good idea, like my idea for this event to get $10000000 in sponsorships.


I was thinking the same, just replace “ESPN” with “G4” since it’s more likely to hit the target audience.


:lol: ESPN gives more Air time to some hot dog eating contest and dumb spelling bee contest’s and even madded! so why not fighting video games? but I agree with jinx, G4 should do it since it would target alot of gamers as oppose to a relatively large sport audience.


No you don’t want to just hit the core audience you want to branch out. ESPN shows stuff like the spelling bee, bowling, and pool. Street Fighter could explode with this incredible event. It would take the backing of Capcom but if done properly competative gaming could go to a new leve.

Video games by the general public is veiwed as a sub culture. If your like me you hold a steady job with a decent income, beautiful family and nice house. We aren’t degenerates by any means. I think guys like Gootecks and Empire Arcadia are on the right track. This could be bigger, thats all I’m saying.


You could bring in a boat load of new gamers. Look at what they did for Texas Holdem, and all the OGs could really benefit from this. Who knows maybe you could get arcades back? Probably wishfull thinking but I would really love to open one…


G4 is the obvious choice, but ESPN could market it better. The core audience will flip over to ESPN to watch. Its about bringing in fresh blood. Then next years EVO could be over 2,000 with bigger prizes because of sponsors. I’m a manager and I’m always looking for ways to improve my company and this looks like a gold mine for those who have invested the past 15 years in this


^omg the fabled triple post (hint:use the edit feature)

i’d be satisfied if we just got on the ticker rotation on the bottom of their screen for a week or two


Or if they just showed something during Sports Center!!! Sorry about the triple post I tend to submit before I finish a thought…



game channels tend to cover it like its some convention.


Thats why they need to give all the raw footage to ESPN and let them whip up some magic…


Spelling Bee’s and Hot Dog Eating Contests aren’t even sports. Big hypocrites ESPN are being. G4 seems more appropriate of a channel to host it.


G4 couldn’t put as main stream as ESPN could. Shoot maybe even SPIKE. Even though Hot dog contests and spelling bees aren’t a sport they are competative…


The ‘E’ in ESPN stands for Entertainment. Spelling Bee contest gets considerable ratings and huge media coverage around the U.S. and some parts internationally. Nathan’s Hot Dog contest this year was shown in the A-blocks for all local news in New York and was shown all over the U.S. as well. Those are proven events for television.

And ESPN has a show about Madden…a video game. You sir, are a dumb ass, and don’t know anything about ESPN’s programming history. How are they being hypocrites?

This thread sucks because none of you have a clue about television programming. :rofl: Almost every post here is a recycled idea from my posts in other threads concerning TV coverage.

If you want TV coverage at ESPN let someone who knows what’s going on handle things. I love the badmouthing of ESPN and we aren’t even on page two of this thread.


i think ESPN broadcasts spelling bee and hot dog eating contest because they hate Americans.