Evo 2009 Photos

I know I was a bit behind the bandwagon, but I wasn’t very motivated to do much other than sleep due to the Evola. **Not all of the pictures are up, but a lot of them are ** (about 80 so far). And yea… They’re in a fairly random order >.>

I wasn’t one of the photographers allowed on stage so please cut me some slack for some of the awkward angles, people in the way, and/or crappy quality (low lighting ftl), as I was taking pictures from the crowd :stuck_out_tongue: . I initially was resizing the pictures a lot to make sure I wouldn’t go over Flikr’s 100 mb per month limit, but because I’m not really in danger of hitting that I’ve been going back and re-uploading higher res versions of a lot of the pictures.

edit: I decided to throw up links to the photographs everyone else has posted as well since there doesn’t appear to be a primary thread dedicated to it, they’re at the bottom!

Random samples:

Pictures from other Photographers:

Dr. B
Kineda - Finals
Kineda - Semifinals
Kineda - Ladies of Evo

Did they take away that guy’s alarm?

More EVO Pics

Added links to pages of other photographers since there’s no consolidated post for them ;D

Anybody know what’s Chris Li’s SRK Handle on the forum… you know the judge with the hot rod shirt?

marn looks crazy in his pic.

he looks amazing in pretty much every picture I got of him XD

Marn looks scary in all of those photos o_O