Evo 2009 shoutouts!

This year’s Evo was too friggin hype…too fuckin hype!!

Congrats to Sanford Kelly…THE CHAMP IS HEEYAH!

I’m too tired to list all atm, but I’ll add more later, but mad props to all I met along the way:

Psycho Gorath
JGD Chaos
DVD Madz
IFC Yipes
Mr. Wiz
Mike Watson
Sanford Cole
Dark Geese
Lobelia Prime
The Grey Area

Those all i can remember at the moment…


Chicago saw you holding that shit down in Blazblue. Good shit man.

thanks for the hype that 10-23.5k people couldn’t attend to!

Sabre and juicebox

juicebox and his crazy ultra dances

You know it’s sexy

Big shouts to all the players that i played side casuals with in third srtike, Fanatic cracking jokes with me about MVC2 MMs. Shouts to my beast coast niggas this year holding this shit down, taking top five in mvc2 hold dat. Sanford taking Mvc2. Ken,Humbag, And the westcoast player I played in their room. That crazy chun li player…too good too good man. My boy deadpool chill wit this weekend. Mr Wizzard sorry my phone died so I couldn’t get that picture. Dogface owning in X-men vs streetfighter…it feels good doesn’t it. and to all the follow evo goers It was the best evo yet. …yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

Props to all the judges holding it down, the players! everybody! EVO2009 was too good.

Big shoutouts to everyone that I played I will post more later.


big <3 yes homo to Kai, James Chen, and UTJ.

Time for some shoutouts!

Geese Pants: Remember next time that food ain’t free! Keep repping that flowchart!
JGD: Awesome meeting you, try to not seem so stressed out though, you always look on the edge.
Grog: We need to hang again before Evo, no doubt. Possibly in London!
TS: Keep shitting out those nuggets of wisdom, without you I would never have known the moon was destroyed by the Jews in 1929 and replaced with a hologram.
Guru: I’m glad I finally got to meet you, I look forward to next tournament we attend, or when we move to Cali together.
Dios: You snore way too much.
Shin Rotendo: Goddamn you sleep soundly, it was really cool to have you and Dios waiting when i got there on thursday. I appreciate it.
P. Gorath: A bit quiet but always funny. I really wish we could hang more than once a year.
Dataika: Damn you’re a funny motherfucker, as funny as your mom on her back!
Pumpkin Escobar: You’re a really cool dude, keep repping that pink comb and keep kicking dat can. THIS IS SOME BULLSHIT!
RoninChaos: I could go on for days but instead I’ll just summarize: Swivel, Body Bag, hot chicks with douchebags, and See your ass at FR.

You guys are an amazing crew and I couldn’t ask for better to hang out with and shoot the shit in Vegas.

Kourin: Down to earth and real. You’re one top notch chick. Hope the shopping will be appreciated :tup:
Fishjie: disappointed I didn’t see you as drunk as last year but that shit is hard to beat. We’ll try to top it next year.
Contra: Nice seeing you again man, I’ll see for TX but can’t promise anything.
Jayjay: It was nice to see you again, too bad we barely saw each other.
Mizuki: you still got my converter…but it’s ok dude :stuck_out_tongue: Not like I need it so keep it.
Wattson: Cocks + farting on Leigh. I think that sums it up pretty damn well.
Vic: Amazing show, looking forward to rewatching it.

Other shout outs off the top of my head: DS, Reloadchapstick, Zoolander, Haunts, Nasir, Bear, Blodia Vulcan, Pablo, Airthrow, supreme jd, MrSNK, Cole, hadouken82, Morbius, and anyone else I might have forgotten. Sorry I’m fucking tired so let me know if I forgot your ass and I’ll drop a line.

Didn’t meet anyone from the SRK, if I did ya’ll gave me real names and I thought it too weird to ask for handles. So huge fucking shoutout to all of you guys that made this happen. Coming to Evo was something of a dream come true for me.

To know my first ended up being one of the most hype Evo’s of the decade really fucking solidifies my decision to make this a yearly tradition for me, and you bet your asses I’ll be there next year to see the fireworks fly.

let’s see…
Juicebox - keep that final justice coming
Sanford - you cut me outta my SF4 pool… but evidently this was your year so it’s cool
Ryan Hart - your Sagat against mine next time bro
Kiddo and his Uncle - that was some vital tekken lessons
Big Bruce - ggpo kit
Ian - thanks for being our 3rd… yeah sorry we did so poorly
EKG - tit for tat my man… roll with the punches
Ricky E. - thanx for making all this possible, we prolly wont need much help next year
Mordecai - …gg… singular
Dr. B - puff>puff>pass>FADC>Ultra!..
Tai - imma step up my tekken 6 game… til then i got chu man

… more later… yea yea

I would like to thank GURU for being hella down and I feel like a total arse for having to leave early and never going to the seafood buffet with him =[

I would like to give a shout out to anyone that bought me a drink this weekend. I’m sorry, I don’t remember most of you, but you still have a special place…in my liver <3

Ryan Hart- You made my weekend dude…BLATANT
Emphy+Rom- Why didn’t I beat Valle and JR?!?! Then Emphy would have been able to take my soul!
Super_Yan - for the lulz
Steparnicuz - for coming all the way out from England to lose to a Rose in SF4 HAHAHA <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Kourin-chan - You dressed up as a maid! YES!!! You can keep the outfit just paypal me like 20 bucks hahahah
Vegas krew - NICK! I love you man, you helped me handle my shite! Holla!
Render- HIT EM WITH A FREEZE POP, You always make BlazBlue so hype man YOMI SON!

I don’t remember much else, minus that guy named Romeo and winning 80 dollars in a MM to a shitty Sagat, TO THAT SAGAT PLAYER, THANKS FOR THE FREE MONEY.

Guru-Nice to finally meet you, I guess i didnt a chance to play you at all :lol:
Valaris - Believe it or not I am Mexican :bgrin: but nice to meet you too.
JayJay- Need I say more :wink:

and Homies from SD of course for providing me the ride.

This is Mike Sith

Shoutouts to:

N-Ken - thanks for getting the room. Sucks that you were burnt out so we couldn’t chill
Pat - I like Guile!
Eric V - That crawfish wants to bet it! Hes got 3 on Justin!
Dave - Nice meeting you. It was cool chillin with you and eating pizza.
Eric Kim - Thanks for being in my 3S team. Sucks we didn’t get to practice before the tourney though. Keep that Sagat up!
Jaguar - Be safe in Iraq man. Good seeing you again.
Word - Nice meeting you. You’re a very chill guy. Hope to see you next Evo.
Roski - Nice meeting you. Good Sagat vs Ryu matches. And thanks for knocking me out of 3S haha.
Jibbo - Nice meeting you. Never really fought a solid Gen before. Crazy character.
DevilJin - Your suit is too beastly. You were stylin on everyone this Evo. I’m asking myself, how is DevilJin gonna out-do the suit next year?
MagnetoManiac - Nice to meet you that last uh…10 seconds.
Portland crew - Good to see all of you. I’ll see you all real soon for NW Majors.
Seattle crew - Good shit. I bet Evo’s made you all hungry. Get that shit next year. See you all at NW Majors.

Good games to everyone else I met, ate with, and played SF4 casuals with. The casuals got me hungrier. I’m gonna go do that sf4 buffet every day now until next year.

Damn, I would of loved to have gotten offline casuals with you at Vegas. Maybe next year.

damn I wasnt staying at a hotel any how but yeh next for sure I’m staying at Hotel we’ll get some sessions

shoutouts to:

hawaii - you dudes are fucking sick. im glad i got too meet up with you guys again and get some casuals in! i learned a lot playing you guys.

juicebox - good stuff

my boy UT fucking J!!! good shit man holding it down and reppin us!

LI joe - i love you joe

socal and the “walking crew” good stuff reppin us. sherry/tatsu/miyuki/jeremy/ whoever i played casuals with we need to play MORE! you guys make me want to play sf4 again. i hate this game so lets play more! and edma, good job! i love watching you play, its so entertaining.

oh and to all those random guys that kept going up to me especially the random dude that came up to me and said “ABEL 4 LIFE MAN!!!” :rofl:

im lazy, meh no more.

Shoutouts from Mr. SoCal TvC, yours truly, RoyalFlush:
-Kurasa: Thanks for helping big time with the side tournaments. With tio running that battery low on your laptop, I was even more grateful for you setting that bracket on paper. Greatly helped me run a tourney I knew I couldn’t run alone. Also, thanks for chillin with me, ll.nd, and Devil Tron at dinner before the 5-on-5. You’re a really cool dude. Keep TvC strong!!!

-Keits: The working man… So busy, I know, but thank you for sparing some time to play TvC with us. I’m sorry if I made your schedule feel a bit hectic, especially during Singles. Thanks for guiding me through the 2 vs. 2 TvC side tourney. That tourney style never occurred to me until you showed me. Thank you for teaching me several tourney running tips along the way. We didn’t get to play each that much either ;(. I think I only played you on US TvC that one time and that was it! I’ll make up for it next time. Thanks for all your hard work. Continue to spread the word of TvC in the midwest and I’ll do my part here in SoCal!

-ll.nd: Congrats on winning with me on the 2 vs. 2 and defeating me in Singles with PTX-40A. You really stepped up your PTX in such little amount of time. I’m glad to practice with someone who is as passionate about this game as myself.

-Yaris: Every time we play each other were matches that went back and forth, so I am glad that I was able to play each other on several occasions during tourney. Our rivalry only keeps my passion for the game even stronger and makes the game feel fresh. I hope you continue to use Karas in the US version of TvC. Maybe you can find something beyond all the nerfs that Capcom gave to him and still play Karas with style and finesse.

-Everyone that entered my TvC side tourneys: Thanks for bearing with me. I did not realize that running these tourneys would be so difficult, but I did the best I could with what we had. It was a task that I knew had to be done, but few people decided to take any initiative, so I was compelled to not waste any time and get these tourneys going and make TvC worthwhile for those who never gave up on the game. I now know what I could do to make it a better experience next year. I praise all who continue to keep TvC alive and give it a good name. It’s really not that bad when you teach players how to get around some of the imbalances and learn to transform those imbalances into tools to success. Please try to get in new players and convince them that TvC truly is a great game.

-SoCal Tekken: Jom, Chetty, Filthy, SAB, Rip, Rickstah, Suiken, matrixmatt, M4 — it was nice to all of you again. I felt kinda special knowing that I looked like a different person; two years can really change a person! I know that I haven’t been playing much Tekken, but I still like the game. I will eventually get back into it. See you guys in a few months.

-Vegas Tekken: Kray, Josh, Larry — thanks for chilling with me during my downtime. Maybe we can hang out and have some real fun in Vegas when I’m on my own and can actually enjoy the privileges of being 21. GS in bringing me back into T5DR for one night. See you guys another time.

-SoCal SFIV (Particularly Denjin regulars): Good shit for running all the SFIV action. 5-on-5 was amazing and finals were top tier. I may be on the sidelines at Denjin most of the time, but I have respect and props for everything you guys do for the SFIV scene. Keep it strong!