Evo 2009 shoutouts!

Let’s see if I remember:
Skisonic, Baltimore Chun, Pete Talley, Mike Creque, Saqs, Steve Harrison, Rugal B, CajunStrike, Hydra632, Ryan Hart, Matt Foster, Norman Forrest, Magus1234, Dr. B, JSC (or JCS, whatever your name is), Keits, Dark Geese, RoyalFlush, Ocelot_357, Thelo, OrochiZoolander, Nohoho…

There are more but I keep forgetting. I’m the person who wore a hook on my lips and has ridiculously long hair. :lol:

Ok, now that I’ve had a LITTLE more rest, I can do this(I think):

Valaris: Good to meet you. Cool as fuck, man;thanks for coming through on that trip to Fredericks.
MrSNK: You are indeed a Virgo Superpower. And damn you REALLY like Honda. Good to hang with you. I owe you dinner!
Jayx2: Thanks for coming through on that costume, baby boo! I’ll get at you about payment lol
RoninChaos: Great to meet an OG SRKer. Forget every other comic, Blackest Night is ALL THAT MATTERS right now!
Ryan Hart: I didn’t get to talk to you much, but thanks for the compliments on my glasses. Hope you can make it to more US tournies.
Grog: It was fun watching Grand Finals with you. Hopefully I wasn’t screaming in your ear TOO much during SF IV Finals:lol:
Lobelia: Too bad the costumes Jayx2 had didn’t fit you. It was great meeting you in person and having lunch with you. Glad you didn’t try to stay hidden.
The Grey Area: You are such a sweetheart. Hope to see you at more tournies, too.:smile:
Saotome Kaneda: Good to meet another SRK OG.
Geese Pants: Pleasure meeting you, man. Did you take a pic of me and Jay while I was dressed up? If so, send it to me pleeeeeeeeezkthanx:lovin: Don’t EVER try to Ike Turner me, I don’t play that shit, son!!:rofl:

NYC/NJ: Citiofbrass, Hold Dat, iloveujoe, Rashaan, Javitz, Liston, Andre, Krey, Frantastic(?),Noel, DS, Lia(great to meet you, girl! We comic book nerds definitely gotta hang together sometime!!), Justin, Arturo. You guys did your thing, repping EC!!

Sanford: Good shit on taking Marvel this year, AND GOOD SHIT WITH CAMMY in SF IV Finals!:tup:

NE/Team Hate: Ernest, Nestor, Shankar, Smoothcat, PaulWall, Juice, and of course, THAT GUY, VDO. Good seeing you guys. Special thanks to Shank and Smooth for ruining my fucking life with all those Long Island Ice Teas Saturday night. Juice, your girl Stash(sp?) is a great gal, don’t fuck that up, yo! Also, special shouts to Eduardo and Team Puerto RICO! Eduardo, you did your thing in IV; your Boxer is SICK!!

WC and other honorable mentions: Cole, Valle, Choi, Combo, Warren, Buktooth, Ed ma, Ricky, Watson(thanks for the shirt!!), Skisonic, C-Royd, Dogface(great show w/the Cannons on Sunday!!) had fun chilling with you guys, especially Thursday night. Combo, I’ma be coming through Cali soon, have the place READY!

JetPHI: Always good to see you dude. Catch you @ the next tourney!

Monbaby: Good to meet you in person, even though it was Sunday night! LOLz good shit on not losing ALL your money gambling:smile:

Overall, this Evo was great, rum smoothly for the most part. Thanks to the Evo staff and the JUDGES, you guys did a kick ass job with the pools for SF IV.

Last, but certainly NOT least, I’d like to say thanks to the guy who was the Ref for SF IV Pool 2 (I didn’t catch his name) and to Tom Cannon for finding my camera and holding onto it for me. THANKS SO MUCH!!

See y’all @ Evo2k10!!!

Man, shouts to Calmwarrior, and his roomies, B-more Chun and his roomates.
D-Nyce, Hold dat, Kenshiro.
Nice meeting, Dog Face and Mr. Wizard
Jason Cole, Natalie

Socal: Denjin, Ai and SD, rep that shit hard.
Nice talking to you Utj, you guys should come down more

And Finally Big Ups to Yeb (its not Jeb) and Shady K for putting San Diego on the big screen.

Evo 2k10 drink harder and talk (slightly less) shit

Huge shoutouts to:

JJ - Where’s my seafood buffet?! :mad::wink:
Geese Pants
Ronin Chaos
Shin Rotendo
The Grey Area
supreme jd

There were a couple others I saw but never introduced myself (i.e. Kourin Chan) * I was the one wearing the Corona cap.

I’m still in vegas for about 18 more hours. I’m about to head to the gun store and try out an AK-47!

It was really fun everyone!

guru did i meet you? i dont really recall :looney:
shoutouts to GD crew in general, everyone i met was pretty chill with few exceptions. especial shoutouts to fishjie for being a real awesome guy, rotendo for running my pool well and hooking up with me later to play some games, ronin for being his usual funny/dick self, dataika for being surprisingly hype, airthrow and pablo for actually playing fighting games and doing it well, dios for raping people in marvel on pad

PG wins the award for person least resembling my expectations, Valaris the OPPOSITE, JD and his bro for actually living in Juneau, AK, TS for being surprisingly quiet and laid back, The Grey Area for being extremely mature and intelligent (really offset the rest of us quite well, excepting maybe the commie), Lobelia Prime for having fantastic voice impressions, and of course RoTenDo wins the award for most oorah

grog wins the award for somehow pocketing my fight money :mad: and y2j wins the award for me constantly forgetting your name

Oh shit Weeks…I saw you.
I should’ve said hello.

I wanna shout out to all the new faces I met…

And to everyone that was reppin’ with their TE sticks :smiley:

Also wanna give mad love to all the regulars and especially EVO staff for making this scene the best scene out there.

See you guys next year.

why didn’t you!? and how did you know it was me! :looney:

I know you said that you had red hair…and I saw you talking to Val.
I was the one holding the seats during the finals.

wtf man give me a holla i don’t bite :annoy:

Shouts to everyone who enjoyed all our hard work this weekend, and of course to all the TvC guys.

EVO Staff: Thanks for everything. It was a fantastic event far exceeding expectations.

Sabre: You sir were my personal highlight. Your match vs Valle was the best 2 minutes of the entire tournament IMO and you deserve all the praise in the world.

Sanford: Your performance in Marvel and SFIV were fantastic. So many people love to hate on you and I’m sure your performance will shut them up (at least for a little while).

Dagger G: We didn’t meet at all. I just wanted to say you inspired me to pick up Guile as a serious character in SFIV. Your performance in the 5 on 5 was great.

Jeff Tanaka: Thanks for letting me sub into your 3S team. How the hell did a Smash player like yourself and a completely washed up 3S player like myself come 5th? Thanks for saving my ass more than I saved your ass during the tourney. I need to pick up 3S again.

Jinrai: Thanks for consistently having a place to chill and play casuals. I’m sorry we didn’t get a chance to re-match after the Akuma whooping. You looked like you wanted another crack at me.

Toshin: Great to finally meet you bud. Next time we’ll tear up the poker table together.

Valaris: It was great finally meeting you (so random crossing paths at the convenience store). I wish we could have hung out more.

Paul Lee: It’s been too long my friend. How does someone get his chips in so good and get punked so often. Fuck poker, what a shit game. I hope our paths cross again down the line. Always a pleasure.

Watson: Great to see you after so long. How can I get one of those YJDK shirts?

TFGM: Thanks for bringing such a strong force to EVO. I hope whatever bad blood we’ve had in the past is now water under the bridge. Your contribution to the gaming community as a whole is far greater than people realize.

Justin: Thank you for putting on one of the greatest shows ever against Daigo. Hopefully I’ll see you in a few weeks at T10.

Arturo: Good shit holding it down against Daigo. Fuck the haters.

DS: Great seeing you brother. You’re a lucky SOB (already said why in #gtasf)

VDO: How the hell did we only see each other for 2 minutes this whole weekend? I’m so disgusted AGAIN we don’t play each other. There are forces working against us.

Deus: BIIIIIIIL! You’re the best. Anyone who beat you cheated. That’s all I’ve got to say.

Team Hate: Great seeing you all again. Smoothcat was right, IV fucks with people’s 3S game.

Baltimore Crew: I’m sorry I couldn’t run the CvS2 side tournament. After busting out of SFIV pools, I wanted no part of EVO on Saturday and skipped out on the day. I hope you all make it up for SBIV.

Norman911: Great meeting the best in the prairies. You need to make your way to Toronto and level up. Tell Dave it was great meeting and hanging with him too. He was too jokes.

Winnipeg Crew/ChipDamage.com: Always a pleasure seeing my man Jim Kim and Steffan. Great meeting Tyler and Shane as well. Never forget the 3am zombie.

Jetphi: Great seeing you again. Next time we need to actually hang instead of hi and bye.

Preppy: Always a pleasure. I can’t thank you enough for loaning me that adapter last second. I can’t believe someone stole my TAC adapter. 1 fucking minute and it’s gone. In any case, I hope to see you again at SBIV.

Fugee: Speaking of SBIV, it was cool chilling with you waiting for my 1/3 game to open up. It’s a shame you could sit down and slum it with a low baller like myself. It’d have been good times.

Poker victims: There were A LOT of SRK players at the 1/3NL tables. Sadly a lot of you paid for my trip (brag). I think only that cali Zangief player in the salmon shirt (the name is japanese, I can’t remember it though) kept me contained. BTW if you think I bluffed you at any point, I probably did.

GTASF: I see you guys all the time. Here and there we all made this trip fun for Toronto and surround area players. Thanks for coming out and repping the GTASF and Canada.

I’m sure I’m forgetting so many more. Please forgive me in that regard. Great meeting lots of new people and putting faces to names after so long. It was a great time and I hope to see you around the tournament circuit in the future.

Shout-outs to everyone I met and sorry if I don’t drop your name here, I probably forgot. I’ll try to remember everything.
Also, before I forget, I think the Rio was probably our finest venue for EVO yet. It’d be great to have it there again. The Rio blows the Tropicana out of the water, hands down. The one thing I think was lacking was sufficient chairs. But it was hard to tell just how many people would be in there by the end of the night.

-Spence: Great to see you again, but too bad Bill couldn’t make it out this year.

-laugh: Thanks for stomping my ass with Dictator and helping out my friends (and me!) with your inpin converters and just being a cool guy overall.

-DGV: We finally have footage of you in serious tournament play! Hopefully Vintage will also participate next time :tup:

-Shirts: It must’ve been disappointing defeating me so easily and I could make an excuse about how there’s no Dhalsims on your level in my local scene, but that’s worthless. I’ll take more rounds off you next time.

-Viscant: You’ve got a solid Claw, good shit.

-orochizoolander: In real life, you’re a lot like you are online. Strongly opinionated and you have a big mouth. But you’re even shorter than I am and still manage to be an outgoing, talkative, and friendly guy.

-Hugo101: It was cool hanging out with you and DGV on Friday trying to get some kind of ST setup going on. Looks like you did great this year, keep it up!

-damdai: It was amazing to finally see you play in-person and you did not disappoint. I was telling people how you were straightup playing World Warrior this weekend, fighting against the old school bosses (Valle, Wolfe, Choi) in the last legs of the tournament. You, Thelo, and afrolegends all came out from online fame and totally rocked it, showing that new challengers can hang. Way to go. Lastly, you OCV’d my team in the ST 3v3. Your mind game is too strong.

-zaspacer: Definitely nice meeting you and keep up the great work on your site. I’ll look into acquiring a Yoga Book Hyper.

-fatboy: Good to see you again, you talk some serious theory fighter.

-Wes Truelson: You’re a very cool guy and tall as fuck. Thanks for sharing your old school knowledge and letting everyone play in your room. Hope your ankle gets better soon.

-CharcoalBuddy: Good to see you still play a solid shoto. Thanks for beating the crap out of me.

-BruceLB: As I said before, it’s thanks to you that I know like 90% of what I know about Dee Jay. You did great this year, good shit on rocking that Dee Jay! Thanks for all the advice. You’re also shorter than I expected, but I don’t know why I expected someone tall in the first place. Maybe because you have Yamazaki and Claw in your avatar :rofl:

-Toodles: Nice playing a little SFIV with you and the others when there were no other casuals going on Thursday. You’ve made some wonderful contributions to the community and I commend you for that. Please keep up the excellent work.

-Phi: I already gave you my thanks, but I also wanted to thank you for letting us play casuals in our pool while we waiting on the DQ announcement. You’re a super cool cat for that.

-John Rambo: Speaking of pool casuals! The only other man I know that rocks the Start-colored Sim. Cool meeting you, man. Keep on holding it down at Chinatown Fair.

-nohoho: Everyone loves your blog and dedication to ST. I’m glad you made an appearance this year even if some side events didn’t go as planned.

-Adam Deats: Nice meeting you and chatting it up while we waited an eternity for our games to come up in our SFIV pool.

-BrentoBox: It was cool running into you in the elevator on the last day… I guess? :rofl:

-Geese Pants: We didn’t formally meet, but I just wanted to say good shit on the unbeatable chair defense.

-omni: It’s true whoever said it, “You don’t look a day over 12”.

-Seattle ST scene: Great meeting you guys individually, I hope you keep your local scene strong and continue to grow.

-Grog, RickDawg, Ken, Shin Rotendo, Dogface, CigarBob, and SaBrE: Thank you for such a memorable final night of EVO. floe vs wiz and the run-in with Graham Wolfe was all I needed. I hope you guys had as good a time as I did.
PS: “Fuck you, I’m hype.”

Looks like that’s it. Hope to see you all next year!

also a big FUCK YOU to my own simian ass for accidentally overwriting a ton of pictures and videos i took at evo, including one of Wong and TFGM being pimp. god dammit.

Evo was fucking awesome. Though I would have liked to meet more peeps from SRK, the people I did meet were really chill. Especially some of the people from NorCal. I’ll def be back next year.

sups this is scrub from puerto rico

Sorry if I forget alot of people:
gootecks & mike ross: Nice seeing you again
Alex Valle: Thnx for giving me a great match against a big legendary player
Jhon Choi: Great person and player
Ricky Ortiz: eventhough you said i was a predictable balrog i respect you
Joe: Thnx for singing my stick
Justin: great finals and great guy
DS: thnx for rooting for me you scrub
Marn: great playing with you looking forward to a rematch
Ed Ma: thnx for the great match looking forward to play you again
Sanford: Thnx for everything man you earned your place alot of respects to you

Big shoutouts to everyone who believed and cheered for me on everymatch.

vVv Scrub


Yeah man nice seeing ya your a cool dude.

Fukin Killa ass EVO. Ma first and it couldn’t be any better>=D
Here some shoutouts
Amir(SNAKE)- thanks for making this evo an evo to remember. OUR crack room was da shit wit some relaxtion. of course everybody know this guys our east coast clock! UGH
Luis(MERDOC)- good shit in evo, ur mas stick is godlike n showed me how trash 360’s are. n stop jacking urself broke n all these trips, lmao.
Aurthur(BABY WOLVERINE)- good shit u lame fuck, LOL. gotta admit when we play i alway get powered up somehow. n thank u for winning me some money:grin: u only got started wait till next evo>>
Sanford- the most godlike cable play i have ever seen. u my friend also contributed to my evo experience. i didn’t know u beasted like that in sf4?! shit if u can try to stop by wit rashaan n erick, at my barbershop for the sf4 tourney im holdin it’s on 7/26/09.
IFCyipes- nice seeing u mang. isaw u almost qualified for sf4, next year ma dude. and PLEASE find a way to fuck up that goofy ass team that wong pick JUST for u. well touched it but never finished but im sure u got sumthin u been up there before. good shit.
Erick(smoothViper)- not the top 8 proformance u wanted to show but good shit. u’ll get valle next time> in the mean time andre will try to bison in tourney< u know what to do…lol
Sam.B- killa as always n mad chill. hope to see u and at least play u for next evo u got some shit man… lol
VDO-the most original marvel player on da scene! man i never get tired of watching ur matches. sucks u had to leave early ill probably catch u in da next major.
Arron- ugh blackheart. get ur mas stick fixed so we could see it in action! remember 8-way not trash360 believe me… nice to meet u mang
Cable Guy-good shit on the money match but will get u next time i promise u dat wit as many runbacks as u want…lol
Branton-good shit dude, fukin ms,tron defintely will money match u next time in da whisper hype room…lmao
Fanatic- i know people hate on da pad, but the stratagy n da wat mixups to do doesn’t come from da one button dash, well kinda of , but good shit wit msp, we will money mtache da next time i see u.
**Chunksta **- nice to see u again man, when u come to ny let me know we get some session in. good shit at evo doggz
CAVEMAN-yo u are godlike for no reason, nah nah wait ma nigga its da mexican power man from Guadalajara. very entertaining match from u n baby wolverine. dat sentinel is a STEEL WALL! it was nice meeting u< mad chill bro. hope to see u in more majors.
Rashaan- UGHH i heard wat u said nigga! lmao ni99a sent da tournament organizer to get the cannons. LOL good shit in SF4 ma nigga, i know u won’t disappoint in da shop torurney see u there ma nigga.
i thinks thats everybody< hope to see yall next EVO PEACE

also sanford good shit winning marvel, you made me some money :party: