EVO 2009 Side Tournament Listings

EVO 2009 Side Tournament Listings

Official Side Tournaments:

Evo Street Fighter 4 5vs5 Tournament
Evo Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion Tournament
Evo BlazBlue Tournament

Evo/AllisBrawl Super Smash Brothers Brawl Tournament
Game Rules
Fee info

BYOC Side Tournaments:

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom
Super Street Fighter HD Remix Regional 5v5
OG ST 3vs3
Capcom vs SNK 2, SNK only
X-Men vs Street Fighter
Street Fighter EX1, 2, 3

SNK International Tournaments
Fatal Fury Special
Fatal Fury Real Bout Special
Fatal Fury Real Bout 2
King of Fighters 98UM
King of Fighters 2002UM
King of Fighters Neowave
King of Fighters XI
Garou, Mark of the Wolves
Samurai Showdown 2
Samurai Showdown Tenka

Fighter’s History Dynamite (Karnovs Revenge) and Breaker’s Revenge
Guilty Gear XX Accent Core 3v3 teams

Hokuto no Ken/Fist of the North Star
Killer Instinct

Side tournaments are done by people who randomly feel like them. That means there’s no official count of schedule.

The side tournaments are pretty much all have their own thread any ways.

It’d be nice to have all the index of all tourneys held at EVO, so we can juggle the schedule.

It’d be nice but side tournaments kinda go on while the main tourneys are being had and there isn’t always a set schedule for them to happen. Side tourneys are just started whenever by whoever wants to do them and aren’t a part of Evo’s schedule. Side tourneys are really nothing more than player generated BYOC events. Which BYOC lasts all Friday and Saturday. Just look at a topic for whichever game you want to play in and make your own schedule.

how many fighting games are there?

xmvsf will be on friday most likely, thread coming soon

gogo bliztkampf and MBAA side stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

soo many games to play it’ll be madness

i am pretty sure its gonna be a busy weekend, I just have to buy the DVD so that I don’t miss anything lol.

I don’t know if anyone here cares, but there is also the Super Smash Bros. Brawl tournaments (singles and doubles) being hosted by AllisBrawl.

got a thread number?

Euhhhm, I dunno if we really have a thread for it on here. I rounded up a few links. Take your pick.


I don’t want to necrobump the thread just yet, but does anyone know whether or not the Breakers Revenge side-tourney is still going down?


I’d love to see that happen, even though I need to seriously brush up.

people like to bump their own tourney thread more lol.

anyways, why don’t you contact Mizuki about it, I am pretty sure this tourney is a go.

i’ll keep this thread alive… it’d be nice for people wanting to find info on thier side tourney to have an easier time doing so… so far on my plate i have: T6BR and BB side tournies to make it to… bring it on

thread bump, got sfex and killer instinct down.

BlazBlue is an official side tournament now, check evo2k.com.

thanks for the update, stand corrected

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core 3v3 teams side tournament.