Evo 2009 Trip Results

What was your expierence in Flights, Hotel, Tournaments, and Overall thoughts this year at Evo 2009?

My expierence Coming Soon!

My Experience

Flights: Cheap flight but you get what you paid for as the sayin goes. Going, We landed all wrong when we got to vegas and hit something and this lil kid started crying. lol Coming back, Flight got delayed due to weather issues. Dont know if I would fly southwest again.

Hotel: Gold coast was good for the cheap rates and food but rio was better on gambling and hotel mvc2 competition. I will stay at the rio next year if another event happens there.

Tournaments: Mvc2 was swine flu. Met alot of good players and made alot of money on side bets. I will be playin everybody when the game comes out online. Shout out to diago for winning me 20$ on that justin wong match. :=}

Overall thoughts: Evo 2009 was crazy this year. I felt that sf4 overshadowed all of the older/retro games. I will post pictures of my evo unit with hat. I have to email Mr.Wizard the pics to use for the front page. I can not wait till next year. The uniform im wearing will be sickkkk.