evo 2009


anyone know where i can watch or preferrably download a video of the finals that isnt choppy?


be an ign insider



I love steak as well. What’s your favorite cut?


London Broil man, but that’s cause Filet Mignon is too expensive for a cheap bro like me

(Also is that the Touhou 8 start screen quote in your sig? Sounds familiar)


Pretty sure you’re thinking of touhou 7.5, that’s cool tho. Speaking of which, I haven’t heard much about skittles lately. Too much VP?


Nah, been busy with other stuff. I was actually going to do some commentary vids soon but I need the right music for it since they’re ballin’ outta control


It’s always an important concern. Seth Killian himself called out my choice of music in my commentary videos in front of the whole internet. :frowning:


amazing. Good thing there isnt a EVO subforum to ask these kind of questions.

and good thing its not visable from the main index.



what’s evo?