EVO 2010 Character Specific Prizes for TOP finishers

In the spirit of the newly announced prize for the top finishing Ken, how about taking that idea FURTHER and have more character specific prizes for the respected top players? *
(note: this thread was proposed by the one and only s-kill, just following orders :tup:)*

edit: It was noted that the items have to be relatively cheap/easily attainable for this to become a reality, so try to keep that in mind when pitching the “real” ideas.

Put your ideas below! I’ll start off…

Cody: A pair of handcuffs (think “Things Engraved”)
Dudley: A dozen roses - "Guttah Trash vase"
Hakan: http://i42.tinypic.com/5le3on.jpg
Guile: Shades of Glory
Abel: A book on amnesia OR white MMA Gloves
Makoto: Long ass yellow scarf
Fei Long: A bucket of Chicken Wings or some engraved Nunchuks?
Guy: http://sn.im/bushin (< my custom scheme!)
C.Viper: A pair of yellow shades
Sagat: an Eyepatch
Rose: a Special Sham-Wow
Ibuki: kunais
Dictator: Bison Dollars
Dhalsim: Super Hot Sauce
El Fuerte: a luchador mask
Chun Li:A Thighmaster
Deejay: A pair of Maracas
Adon: Thai Boxing Mongol
Blanka: A Joybuzzer
Cammy: a red beret
Ryu: Obligatory Headband? or A White drawstring Duffle
Boxer: some blue boxing shorts? Maybe some gloves?
Zangief: A red cape
Claw: Vanity Hand Mirror or A cosplay mask (lol?)
E.Honda: a pair of GETA
Akuma: Prayer Bead Necklace or Messatsu hoodie
Seth: Some Ying Yang Baoding balls or this shirt i had designed a long time ago (thanks to SaikoDan for reminding me!)
T.Hawk: A Dreamcatcher
Sakura: Pleated Skirt
Gouken: Asian Straw Hat
Juri: A Copy of StarCraft 2 or a book on Feng Shui
Gen: Metamucil or Centrum Silver
Rufus: A contract with Empire Arcadia :wink:

floe gets a bra!

I like Fei Long’s and Dictator’s… if you run with this, good stuff.

A book on Amnesia for Abel? Lame! There needs to be something better than that…

Here are what I think the prizes should be for each character. If it has a question mark, it’s cause I wasn’t sure on that one, some of these will also be stolen from the the first post, because it has lots of good ideas.

Abel - A Gigantic Puppy stuffed animal, like the ones you get at the fair.
Adon - Thai Boxing Mongol
Akuma - Red Contacts ?
Balrog - Boxing Gloves
Blanka - One of these http://www.amazon.com/Creative-Motion-10194-Plasma-Ball/dp/B000098XEE
C. Viper - a Tie and some orange sunglasses
Cammy - Red Beret
Chun Li - Thighmaster ?
Cody - I would say a prison shank, but I don’t think it’s legal, I’ll go with the handcuffs
Dan - Pink Saikyo Gi Shirt
Dee Jay - Maracas, one of those toque type hats you wear with dreads, rasta colored of course :smiley:
Dhalsim - A Straight Up Turban
Dudley - Roses
E Honda - Rice ? (sir_arthur)
El Fuerte - Luchadore Mask
Fei Long - Box Set of Bruce Lee’s Films ?
Gen - No clue ?
Gouken - Get Alive Soon card ?
Guile - American Flag, Sunglasses
Guy - Nike’s
Hakan - Oil
Ibuki - Kunai
Juri - Rubber Tarantula (CarmineMac)
Ken - It’s been done.
M Bison - Bison Dollars and that hat with the Shadaloo logo on it
Makoto - Scarf
Rose - Shamwow
Rufus - Jenny Craig Subscription ?
Ryu - Headband
Sagat - Eyepatch
Sakura - Red Undershirt and panties (Agent 54c)
Seth - Custom T-Shirt with yin and yang in the stomach ?
T Hawk - Denim Vest
Vega - Claw and Mask
Zangief - Red Undies

“Abel: A book on amnesia OR white MMA Gloves”

Or those awesome shinguards! I do like the gloves though… awesome!

Maybe a blue skirt for Sakura? If a male wins it… lololol.

Edit: “Rufus: A contract with Empire Arcadia” LOL.

ryu - a dragon punching stance ,resin painted model , engraved ‘its official ,i AM better than ken’

Dhalsim winner should get a 50 pack of Pampers. REAL TALK. Pampers and SRK doing it big.

Rubber tarantula for Juri

dan - a copy of the running man on dvd/blu-ray

LMAO!! loved the Rufus one

Haha, idk if Jwong will… :stuck_out_tongue:

Top Vega: Anti-aging cream or shampoo
Top Fuerte: El Bulli cookbook
Top Abel: Dog tags

E. Honda: rice…
Abel: Rambo Knife

can we craft items into hats?

Boxer should get KGB.

bad idea

lollll wtf


It’s a neat idea, but I dunno about the nunchucks and kunais… Giving out weapons as prizes might get them into a bit of trouble with the hotel staff. lol

if you aint in top 8 you should get a salty ride home and some time in training mode

nothing more…nothing less