Evo 2010 Discount Hotel Rate is over

Please book through Caesars.com

Good shit Evo Team…some questions though, just to make sure:

Will there be wifi in the facility? If so, how much is service?
Is the discounted price per night the same? Including on weekends? I ask this because all the previous hotels I went to in Vegas charged more for weekend than weekday.
Also…if for some reason I have to back out due to lack of funds, emergency, or cowardice after the deposit is taken, do I need to call the hotel to arrange a refund?

I want to make sure I have the monies ready…so I can start booking this week.

I’ll probably have to call the hotel for most of my questions…

Booked! Evo is only 7 months away!

But on a serious note. Is there a way to get rooms back to back? like right next door to each other?

Is the discounted rate per night or per our entire stay (within the limits on the site)?

I’m not 100% sure but last year you had to call right after making your reservation. They should be able to help you out with that.

Booked mine. Thanks for the rate.

Just wondering, Last year for the Rio we had a choice of normal or deluxe rooms, this time we don’t and I know ceasers has a lot of room types, I’m guessing this is for the classic room. Just wondering if we can pick any other room types and still for Evo so you guys get credit or if it’s restricted to just the classics.

This. I’d like to know. If that price is per night screw that. I’ll never be able to afford this trip with my job if that’s the case. D=<

Damn I’m gonna need to make sure I have at least $1,000…

Good stuff, but still expensive. I believe that’s only $20 off the regular price. :frowning:


The hotels being offered in the Evo deal are the Forum and Palace Towers…all Deluxe Rooms.
I got the regular prices for Thursday to Sunday Night.

** Does not include applicable taxes and room charges*

I did some calculating for my own purposes, and since I’ll most likely be at the Forum tower…my stay, with 12% tax would be $667.52.
I save at least $112.48.

Since the discount rate is $149 for one or two people in the room(I think it’s the forum) and $179 for three or four people in the room(I think it’s the Palace)…we save more along the line.

I do have a question though…would there be a disadvantage for opting for the Classic and Roman Tower Rooms? Say all the deluxe rooms are gone?

I’m a tad surprised that the common rooms aren’t up for grabs with this discount.

I’ll see how it goes. This is a big money drop unless I can get some trustworthy pals to help.

Oh man…u know what this means. No room is going to be less than 9 men deep. Super Poverty Figher IV. We’re gonna make that shit like the projects. :lol:

Good shit on the discount either way though. I’m sure those rooms are absolutely incredible. Been a while since I’ve been to an Evo hotel where the rooms really wowed me.

“*Visit the Forum Shops for a unique collection of upscale designer shopping including Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Fendi”

What? No Triumvir?

The rate is per night, and its a gooooooood price for caesars. Remember, you can bunk with people and make this easy on yourself. If you pay for 4 nights and split with 3 other people, you are really only paying the price of one night to begin with. If you dont know anyone who is going, you are NOT the only one. Make a “need a roommate for evo” thread and start finding some bunkmates!

See you in vegas!

i have a stupid question but i need to ask:

Are the rates going only on evo period? or can i booked all my trip in caesar (check the room in july 6th, check the room out july 13th ) with these rates?

So…are the TVs in the room lagfree and able to accept AV cables?

Try it via the site and let us know what happens.

Wait for our preview on the rooms coming next week.


The discount is for the deluxe rooms, not the classic ones? Can someone confirm that? Sounds a bit too good.