Evo 2010 Finals Poster

Just finished it a bit ago. Comments, critique, criticism, whatever all welcome.
I almost want to have it printed on a shirt. I’d wear it.


Nice headline! But the font and layout doesn’t work for me. I think you can just make “BEAUTY VS THE BEAST” on one line at the top and it will read. I would have them face each other and get rid of the line between ‘level’ and ‘up’

Thanks for the comments. I played around with them looking at each other at originally, but I just didn’t really like the way that it looked. I do think that I should’ve put their names at the top or at least something more towards the top of the image. The final result came out pretty bottom-heavy. The only reason I put “Level | Up” instead of just simply “Level Up” is because any time I’ve seen anyone that works for/with them refer to it, it’s always had the line separating the words. I’m not a huge fan of it, but I just figured I’d keep it the way I’d always seen it.

Make an alt version of it. See about getting it on a shirt.