Evo 2010 Game Announced Live on SRK Podcast @ 7PM PST!

I’ve been thinking about this a little bit lately, and it seems like this might be a real possibility.

First off, if you’ll notice, not many games besides SF4 have been doing that well lately. I don’t even just mean tournament attendance…the amount of people playing regularly outside of tournaments has been flagging as well.

To put it bluntly, by the criteria used in previous years, there will absolutely not be 6 Evo-worthy games next year. In my opinion, only 3 or 4 will likely meet that standard: SSF4, Tekken 6, HD Remix, and maybe Marvel. SSF4 is obvious, Tekken has always been the biggest 3-D game in the US, and HD Remix will always do OK for itself since it has good online play. Once you get past those, everything else available has major problems of some sort:

Guilty Gear/3rd Strike - These games are done with a capital D. They had the least hype finals this year, and Evo seems fully intent on phasing out the PS2 and Dreamcast altogether.

Melty Blood - Dedicated but small community for an import-only PS2 game. Yeah, not happening.

Arcana Heart 2 - PS2 port is worthless, nobody plays anymore.

KOF12 - This shit was dead from the beginning.

SC4 - Made a surprisingly good showing this year, but the # of tournaments and general community interest seem to have fallen off since Nationals.

Marvel - I think Evo really wants to keep this for at least one more year, but there are just too many issues with the next-gen ports right now. And again, this is a game that gets very little play outside of tournaments anymore, although that didn’t hurt it this year. If Backbone successfully patches this like they promised, then I’d say it will and should remain in the lineup.

Blazblue: Man, I can’t think of the last time a game started out so big and died so quickly. At Evo it outdrew SC4 and GG as a side tournament, and now it pulls 5 people and gets canceled at east coast events. Right now the community is just waiting for the update (which won’t come out in time for Evo), and the #blazblue IRC channel has turned into #dungeonfighteronline.

  • TvC: Capcom is doing so many good things for the US release, but none of it will matter because it’s still on the Wii and tournament players generally don’t own Wiis. Maybe the Smash kids will run to this and fatten the tournament numbers enough to make it worth Evo’s while, but I wouldn’t depend on that alone.

Another important factor to keep in mind: Evo’s overall turnout will likely increase next year. Between all the exposure they received from the live stream and IGN, and the fact that SSF4 will still be fairly new, I could easily see that game alone reaching 1500 people. If something like that is expected, they may very well have to remove other games in order to finish the event on time…

Any thoughts, SRK?

plus if brawl players got their hands on tvc they’d be all like “zomg ban ken/karas/saki cuase their they’re the best characters and we dun want to learn matchups lololol”.

tis the sad truth :confused:

Next year I see

Whatever version of ST we’re using at the time

As total and complete givens.

As long as the Xbox or PS3 version of Marvel get cleaned up and patched to a version that’s playable and acceptable to the community, I think that’s a given as well. The Marvel community is too large to shut them out completely.

I think Smash could come back also if the rulesets can be agreed upon and their community is open to working with Evo.

Beyond that, there’s always the possibility of opening it up to non-fighting games like they did with Mario Kart, or opening it up to team format. 2v2, 3v3, 5v5 tournaments for SF4 have been great side events and even featured tournaments in some areas. Having a singles and a team SSF4 tournament might not be a bad idea at all.

But I agree that games like 3s, CvS2, KOF12, Blazblue seem pretty done.

–Jay Snyder

It’s actually a great idea. SSFIV teams and maybe HDR teams? :rock:

SSFIV singles and team (3v3).
HDR singles and team (3v3 or 2v2 depending on numbers).
T6BR singles.
MvC2 HD singles.
That’s six major events.

Subtract HDR team tournament if Blazblue, TvC, or whatever gets enough participation. You could even try to do a Blazblue invitational or TvC invitational with just the top 8 or top 4 with qualifiers held before EVO if the numbers aren’t strong enough to hold a full tourney.

I don’t see Evo rolling the dice with another non-fighter, considering how well Halo & Mario Kart worked out.

Smash isn’t coming back - AllIsBrawl ran side tournaments for it as a “partner” of Evo this year, and that’s where I see it remaining.

I really think HD Remix is here to stay. It drew something like 300-325 people this year, 2nd only to SF4.

But yeah, SSF4 teams makes a lot more sense to me than BB or TvC…

is bb really dead? it’s pretty alive here in nm and in co, but ive read posts here on srk that say otherwise.

but being on topic i really only see hdr, ssf4, and tekken in next years evo :confused:

that would be godlike if they brought back alpha 2 or 3 lol

imho…sf4 should be done as doubles only. it took evo a while to discover that 3s teams > singles…i think ssf4 teams would be amazing and add a whole lot more hype in general to the main event.

t6 is given. marvel is given in some way. as is hdr…

smash has retained enough popularity to come back. the only obstacle is the strained relationship between srk and smashboards. I would prefer not to see this game (or the community) back at all, but if it helps evo draw in more numbers/cash, it may be worth it.

Anyone think 3S could make it back as a 3v3? :sweat:

That would be very SBO of them if it did. I agree with everyone that the team formats (a la SBO) seem like a good way to keep some of the older games going, especially if they would contemplate narrowing the games down to around 3 (SSF4,T6,HDR).





2010 Evo Line Up

Tekken 6
Super Street Fighter 4
Super SF4 2v2 Teams
SSF4 Regional Teams
SSF4 Low Tier
Vanilla SF4 side invitational (for nostalgia purposes)
SSF4 Women only side tournament
Mario Kart Wii

That’s so funny, I was just talking to my friend about this. Game came out so strong, we had pretty good sized tourney. 2-3 weeeks into it u can feel it was dead. After evo game hit the floor hahahha.

I don’t keep up with BB i just mashed D, but it seems the game came out and everything was already figured out? When a game is first released u shouldn’t easily be doing 60 percent combos. :P’

Oh and I seriouslyyyyyy hope “Return of shiki” is leveling everyone here and not serious. EVO would basically be SF4 NATIONAL. Wtf kinda stupid ideas is that just SF4 fest in every way possible. WOW one of the worst ideas I’ve ever seen, it’s just so bad it’s not even a good joke.

No, I think the EVO staff is sick of that game. However, I do think a side tourney at the BYOC could get at least 30 or so people to sign up, there were a ton of 3s casuals going on this year and I think the die hards are going to keep it going.

fixed, you forgot hdremix.

I don’t think SC4 should be ruled out only for 3 reasons:

1: World Cup in Cannes in March has sparked alot of revitalized interest in the game in the US.

2: I defy anyone to tell me the SC4 top 8 finals weren’t the 2nd most hype thing at EVO, with full crowed chants, combo chants and the crowd wide KDZ chant.

3: SC4 had BY FAR the best international representation, USA, Canada, Mexico, Korea, France, Hong Kong, Russia, Singapore, Domincan Republic all fielding AT LEAST 3 players. France brought 17(!) or so guys.

That being said, I know alot of SF players don’t particularly like/understand SC4, and EVO is after all, primarily a 2d event in terms of what its associated with and the most hype and so on. If it doesn’t come back, I wouldnt be surprised, but I think it’s earned another year.

Side question, Super SF4, assuming it drops March-ish, would be at EVO right? I hope so.


Do you mean 2nd most hype thing or 2nd most hype finals? If the latter than I can’t say because I, along with everyone I knew there ditched it in favor of In n Out, but if you meant the 2nd most hype thing then I would still put the 5v5 and the Dogface show far above the SC4 finals.

^ I also personally don’t feel the SC4 was the second most hype event of the night. >_>; sorry man. I watched it and well… the actual grand final was a lot less hype than the losers final of it.
I never really liked MvC2, but damn sanford made that match hype as hell to me and my pals that also never really liked watching MvC2.
Well it’s all personal opinion I guess.
On another note i’m all for the team SfIV.

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom needs another chance since the American version is coming out this January with all the fixes. It’s no longer a game restricted by import shenanigans.

Wii is a very popular system, TvC is a VERY FUN and evolving fighting game. Don’t count it out.

Personally, I think people would be blown away by Viewtiful Joe and Tekkaman Blade fighting against Frank West and Karas on the big screen.

I would like to see 3s return. I don’t get why people say it’s really done. When ST is even older and people still play and there isn’t really anything new as far as game play. But, i do feel like 3s should be in a team format i also think that format fits 3s well. Furtermore, i dobut the majorty of people who say 3s is dead is really a 3s player.

TVC won’t go anywhere when it comes out Janurary, a release here in the states won’t do shit.

Good riddance to BB, and MB will have strong showings at majors this year, but with the likes of 1000+ for a tournament I don’t think we’ll qualify for much of anything for representation, haha.

I like the sound of teams and what not, maybe put more BYOC areas (so fucking 85% of it doesn’t turn into Dark Geese’s Theme park)?