Evo 2010 HD/ST shout outs

I had a very fun time at Evo, so I would like to post random shout outs. I’m posting in this forum because it’s mostly HDR related.

Megaman for being amazingly cool about sharing his room
Marsgatti/Axel K for the badass session of Bison/Guile/Guile we had for about 2 hours straight. Team BGG! That session was probably the best time I had at evo.
Whoever made the comment about Thelo’s game smile looking like a rape face of a freakishly strong rapist. I love you Thelo but god damn that cracked me up.
Seasons Beatings guy for running the ST side tourney on cab. I kept telling him to just end it after we got kicked out of the hall but he actually ran it and it actually finished without falling apart.
Damdai for being generally excellent and winning the side tourney
Ganelon for having an impressive Vega.
Gamertron for really leveling up and taking 4th in the side tourney.
Everyone who participated in the japanese style east v west 1 character lineup tourney in megaman’s room. Very fun and cool.
Voltech and CVital for 2CVing the second east v west tourney in megaman’s room.
Snake Eyez for destroying everyone sunday night. I don’t think he lost a single game in the several hours I was there.
I was telling Damdai that I thought it was hilarious that the room was being dominated by Thelo and Snake Eyez, playing two “low tier” characters.
Everyone that came up (new faces and old) to me to wish me luck for making top 8. It was humbling this year to not make it out of pools (I had a big ego, I had won out my pool every other year and kind of took it for granted. Needed to be brought back to reality)
Molly for making me the best Evo T Shirt ever (It said “Zass for eighth”). Also to Molly for making a chun li blue “Yatta!” t shirt <3
Aqua Snake for betting me money on Snake Eyez vs Tokido. I’m glad Snake won even though I bet against him :slight_smile:
David spence and fudd for tirelessly recording matches. I hope to see those on youtube soon! We all appreciate your work, thanks guys!
Everyone I played or talked to. A very positive and fun atmosphere, a ton of fun as always!
Drunken street fighter all night for the win!

Zass can you please PM me your email address or clean out some of your PM inbox? Can’t send you a message since it’s full :slight_smile:

cleared out!

glad to meet a bunch of people that i play online with, shoutouts to everyone that remembers me.

huge heartfelt thanks to megaman and sweetjv for hosting the sickest hdr sessions in their room, i’m sure everyone agrees with me on that.

“In order to know your limit, you have to fail by exceeding it. I’m just the provider of the failure.”

  • megaman in the moments leading to a very tossed krost

Best Evo ever.


LMFAO. I believe he said “And sometimes you have to be the provider of the failure.” But yeah, funny shit.
I’ll start uploading tonight, fellas.

Fudd, you 'da mang!!

I think this really was the most fun Evo I’ve ever gone to. There are way too many names to list, and no doubt I’d forget some (Like Zass forgot me:sad:), so I’ll just say this:

  • First, a big thanks to everyone who came out and made SF2 so much hype this year! It was really great to see the game still getting a lot of play and excitement in today’s SF4-centric climate. I think the finals for HDR were much more exciting than SF4’s.

  • Big props to Snake Eyes for winning Evo and to DGV for giving him a hell of a run for that top spot. And Afro, ya know you’re still a beast too :wgrin: It was nice to see those guys who don’t practice anymore take a back seat for once. I think it’s clear that between online play and more local tourneys/gatherings that the active US players are continuing to level up and raise the bar for US SF2 skills.

  • Big props to the guys that ran and played in the arcade ST side tourney. I wish I wouldn’t have lost track of time and gotten to play in it. But I’m glad it ran and finished smoothly even though they kicked you guys out of the main room. Great to see arcade ST continue to get love at Evo!

  • Finally, massive props to everyone who came and hung out in me and Megaman’s room! It was great seeing all of the familiar faces. It was also really great getting to meet some of the people I’ve been playing on XBL for the first time. I hope you guys had a lot of fun at Evo and come out again next year! Anyway, each of those nights in our room was epic! Team tourneys, watching Snake Eyes beast, and just general all around fun partying it up and playing the best fighting game series ever. SF2 for life!

Yeah… I am going to make an extra effort not to knock up my wife so I can go next year. I just need to meet all of you guys in person and thinking about playing casuals for 8 hours straight through the night with some of you guys is enough to make me want to tear up with happiness… of course the necessary arrangement of a team tournament would happen next year…

What can I say… EVO 2K11 already brining the hype!

Now there is dedication to SF2!!!

Sweet, sweet Johnny V. Unforgettable dhalsim and all around cool guy. Not forgotten!
Silver Rain 007, dont worry about your wife. I’ll knock her up next year for you.


hmm, where to begin…

first i feel an apology is in order for getting that fucked up on sunday and i’m sorry you all had to witness that, i had just a littttle too much…

ea megaman/ SJV: thanks for letting us all play in your room over the weekend! i had a blast… a volcano blast…

moocus: thanks for hooking us up! add me on xbl and we’ll go over some more ken stuff.

synco: nice meeting another ken as well! had some very fun games vs you.

ganelon: thanks for teaming with me, sorry if i wasnt playing “100%” :|. nice job in ST!

corrosive: hope you got the experience you needed with this tourney, it’s definitely the main thing you need! keep it up

marsgatti: you already know whats up… shout outs to the old dudes who didn’t know on the strip and the convention by the pool… and the magazine…

zass/axel: you guys were hilarious and great players too, ill never forget zass bursting in the room shouting “bgg bitches”

fudd: very nice meeting you, thanks for recording all the craziness that went on!

spence: fun talking to you throughout the weekend, lovin the mas sticks!!

thelo: was fun playing you throughout the weekend and you adapted wonderfully. very nice play

damdai: nice seeing/playing you again, i was sad you couldnt play on HAPP anymore :<. sorry mars couldnt get you those pics!!!

snake eyez: damn dude, you’ve gotten so much better it’s crazy. major props for doing what you did with gief!

voltech/aqua snake: nice meeting and playing you both!

if i missed anyone i’m sorry! truth be told i’m still recovering from the weekend :|||. hope to see you guys at seasons beatings for the ST tourney there!

Shout outs to Marsgatti and krost for laptop casuals day before tourney. It always feels like we’re rolling together in this game, though I can’t step up to the BGG, BGG is just on a WHOLE DIFFERENT LEVEL, BITCHES. Good shit!

SweetJV and Pete for hosting in their room. Voltech for what basically ended up being “old men sit on a porch and complain about new games together” near the entrance to room 2042 lol. Shout outs to anyone I played in room 2042. Pete/EA, it was a long time coming but I’m glad we were finally able to meet after basically coming up in the game together.

Thanks to everyone involved in making Cab ST happen, especially Ghaleon who put up with my phone dying even all the way to Nebraska lol. There were some hiccups like a loose serial connection, but it was fun and things got patched up after the controls just straight up stopped working. Thanks to NKI for answering my questions after the match we had in classic ST. Good games to Josh the FUNK Doc and Pete Talley, so close to getting out of pools, I feel everyone definitely had a wake up call or at least a bit of a shock at this event. Congrats to RyRy for making it as far as he did, people just didn’t know. Good shit to Gamertron at the ST Cab, found myself once again explaining Renda Kara Cancels to a guy who really didn’t need the explanation to be a beast. Thank you for the Ryu matches, Damdai, I have a better idea of what’s going on now.

Finally, shout outs to assclown, the most deadly player in room 2042. Top 3 in Evo next year, people better watch out. Just ask EAMeGaman.

Aren’t you a little too busy being shot down by supermodels to be knocking up my wife?


OH my godness i dont even know where to begin lol

First off, i would like to apologiez as well for me being ultra done in sweet jv/ea megaman’s room as well as pretty much being done most of the weekend.

Shout outs

Dark Gaiden/Vintage: It was an honor to meet you guys finally. I had one of the greatest times talking to you and playing you, our matches were insane lol. Wish we would have played more but you guys left when i came back noooooooo lol. Hopefully you guys come to philly or near the east coast one of these days. I look forward to seeing you guys next time.

EA Megaman: Great to finally meet you too. The Match in the team tourney saturday was NUTS!!! But now you know guile loses to honda 10-0 lmaooo. Too Awesome watching you do the combos with Honda. Hope we meet again soon.

BGGGG!!!(Axel kelly and Zass)and Hombot: BGG: Probably the funnist time i had at evo hanging with you guys and the insane causals we had in that room after tourney. TOO GODLIKE! Would love to hang with you guys again sometime soon. Hombot you already how awesome it is hanging with you man(the joke you made about the face had me in tears lol!). Always a pleasure hanging with you guys man.

Synco: Awesome to meet you sir. Those hyper fighting matches were off the chain sir. Till next time.

Moocus: Very awesome to meet you sir. Alot of funny moments. Thanks again for helping me get my homeboi krost back to the room. I’ll keep in touch.

Evoadon: Great to finally meet you, sucks i didnt get a chance to chat with you more but your zangief and balrog were no joke dude. Congrats on get 9th place in tourney, I know you’ll do better next time sir. Was a pleasure.

CVital: Man oh man when i played that dhalsim and you asked me who you were, i was like no way that couldnt be and yep you were lol. Probably the Funniest cat i met at EVO. Too beast with that sim. The joke you made about the guile player losing bad in st had me ready to just call it quits that night lol. Too Funny. We gotta kick it one of these days man. Also Great job 2cving our team in the east vs west tourney in megamans room.

Vegatabroly: Good meeting dude, sucks we didnt get a chance to play but maybe next time. Always a pleasure.

Voltech: Man oh man, great meeting you sir and awesome to talk to you as well. I dont know man, I think you got your groove back when you played casuals cause in the team tourney that night you were dominating lol. Look forward to meeting you again soon man.

SweetJV: Great to finally meet you sir. Your a legend man. Awesome stuff. Hope to meet again soon.

Aqua snake: Great time meeting you sir. That fei is a monster man. Till next time sir take care.

Snake Eyes: Good to meet you man and Congrats on winning HDR EVO. I dont think you lost that night in causals lol. Insane stuff man.

My hommie David Spence: Great to meet you sir and It was an honor to win that team tourney sunday night with you. Philly represent i guess… lol. But lets hang out sometime soon sir. Was a pleasure.

Zerodotjander(i think thats his name): Hey nice talking to you during the ST CAB tourney, and yes im still a scrub lol. look forward to talk to you again next year.

JED07: didnt get a chance to talk to you much, but you are straight beast sir. Muteki Color Guile=Win. Take care. Great Stuff.

Thelo: Was an honor to meet up with you again sir. Sorry about you not making top 8 but congrats for doing well in ST tourney. Till next time my candian friend.

Half Fro: Man oh man, you sir were scary lol. Nasty balrog sir i think you went easy on me(like everybody else did) but your a funny guy man. Nice to meet you, and your friends. Lets play again soon sometime.

NKI: Didnt talk to him but it was good to finally see the legend play and he was godlike.

Fudd: Good to meet you sir, Im a huge fan of your videos, cant wait to see them. Great Games.

Afrocole: Congrats on getting top 8 at evo sir, your sim is nuts and i sort of wanted original st like you did lol. Was a pleasure.

Hugo101: Great to play you sir, your deadly, i had no clue what to do against you sir. Hope to play you again soon and posibily put up a better fight.

Rufus: Great to meet you sir. Sorry i wasnt really saying much as i was pretty much wasted if you could tell lol. Till next time.

Zoolander: Lol man oh man great to finally meet you sir. Thanks for the casuals in your room the first night. Great times lol.

Gamertron: DUDE!! you were owning on Cab ST man. Insane stuff. Scary balrog man. Hope we meet again sometime. Insane Guile balrog matches.

BCChoi: Great blanka o guile match on cab sir, that was awesome stuff. Would have loved to play your sim but maybe next time.

Sanford Kelly: Great game in SF2 HF and im sorry you got pissed there sir, i got a fluke win.

Haduken696969: Great to finally meet you and congrats for doing well in HDR semis. Hopefully we have time to play a couple games next time.

DJ massif: Great to meet you sir, Good to meet members from the no honor crew. Till next time.

Afrolegends: Sucks we didnt get to talk more but it was a pleasure meeting you, headbutt loop on daigo for the win lol. Always a pleasure sir.

I think Omni is his name: Great games in Cab ST sir, too awesome. Great boxer.

Mike watson: Great to finally meet the legend and sorry for calling you sir, just wanted to show respect to greats and i sort of do that to everybdoy lol. Awesome job running the HDR pools. Can’t wait to hear more stories from you next time awesome stuff.

RY-RY: Great job making top 8 this year sir. Good to see you again man. You deserved it. Congrats.

To the guy i think DS is his name for getting pissed when i got a lucky win on him in st tourney. You’ll own me next time.

TO that honda player i had really close games with in ST cab, too good man. Awesome stuff.

Gahelon: Thank you so much for running the cab st tourney. That was too awesome there sir. Hope to see you again at seasons beating(if i go).

Last but not least my hommies from near home:

DAMDAI: You made it!!! Im happy you came out to evo this year, Your a beast dude lol. Congrats on winning the ST Cab tourney. Sorry i didnt get pics(sad face)but maybe next time lol. Always an honor to hang with you. Talk to you soon.

Ganelon, Krost, and Corrosive: You guys already know how it is man. I think we are like a team man, and we did better in the better game lol(Cab ST). Always a pleasure hanging with you guys. Yous are like brothers to me man. Insane stuff. We gotta hang out again soon, hopefully we get pizza next time(angry face, just kidding)lol. TO Krost: I think you had me dying rolling the whole weekend with that. Those old guys dont know man. i dont even think the chicks knew lol.

Extra special thanks to Assclown for not losing. He needs to be sponsored.

People who werent there but mad props to

John King Rambo, DSP, Nohoho, Tech Monkey, and Tetsusan: Thanks again for inviting me all the way down to ct to have me play with you guys. It was an honor and i really appriciate every chance i got to play with yous. I hope there are more times to come.

Kyle Comeback386: Damn man, i wish you would have went to evo man, but thanks again for the training and being a good friend and teaming with me in the previous tournies. Your a beast sir, always a pleasure.

Kevgeez: Man oh man, you sir are a funny guy. Thanks again for the good games we played on hsf2 lol.

Fifth and Sum Bud: The Legend, thanks for showing me and teaching me what i know today sir. Hope to talk to you again soon one of these days.

Brian: It was great to meet you that time up at CT and i think the tips you showed me helped a whole lot. For that, i thank you a lot for. Great times.

The Prodigy: Always good to talk to you sir, and see how your up to. I know you would have owned at evo, but i thank you for the training. Your too good.

Bhop: Great games and thanks again for the training, we gotta meet up sometime sir.

Thanks again for everybody for having a scrub like me kick it with you guys this weekend, I had a blast and look forward to the next time. GODBLESS to everybody and i hope everyone got home safe and well.

Post EVO:

As I was going home, I had to stop in Chicago before i went to PA and I met up with a great friend of mine named jigglynorris. I had a blast meeting him, even though we didnt get much time to hang out. Very Funny Guy and I think if he went to evo, things would have been even more awesome. One of the greatest experiences on this trip. Look forward to going to chicago soon one of these days.

im jealous, you got to meet & play all those great players…

Oh man! I just missed you Mars! I’m going to be in Chicago Sunday through Tuesday… That’d be a crazy casual room, Hawk v. Guile V. Cammy… Mars you need to get back on, I need to train up that Guile matchup man!

Was great meeting you Mars. I remember when I first saw you playing casuals I chuckled to my wife, how is this noob guile beating everyone. Then I saw you start to REALLY play and was like oh shit must be Marsgatti. Hahaha, I was right :D. Good fight I was actually VERY surprised I took the match, I think you let me win :D.

I also thought it was funny how you KNEW who I was when I chose Zangief before I even played anyone there. How the hell did you know that :O?

PS My wife thought you were very nice, LOL. :smiley:

Great to also meet the following: The Aqua Snake, VOLTECH, SnakeEyez, Zass30, Alex Valle, Jason Cole, NLP OU aka David Spence (Saw him play, and I KNEW it was him, but didn’t talk to him) David Sirlin (chatted about how ownage Zangief is), Count Fuddulous, Ganelon (Blacmore)

I’m pissed I missed out on the Sunday night games in the hotel, but I was already halfway home when I got the call to stop by. Damn :expressionless:

I didn’t make it very far in my pool but I had fun anyway! Least I wasn’t in Death Pool A… Looking forward to playing next year! :slight_smile: I still like HDR waaay better than SSF4. I flaked out on the Women’s Invitational anyway, lol. My shout outs to:

moocus - Good seeing you again! Had fun watching the semi finals with you.

AquaSnake - We need to play each other sometime.

Voltech - I love watching you play! Hoping my Chun will be half as good as yours. :slight_smile:

synco - Nice meeting you again. Maybe we’ll bump into each other again on XBL.

Hugo101 - Thanks for kicking my Chun’s butt. :v

DGV/Snake Eyez - Watching you guys play was sooo good and intense. Kudos to the both of you.

And also to whoever I fought during casuals, on the ST cab, and in Pool H!