EVO 2010 HDR roll call

Ok I went to evo last year and sadly I didn’t get to play everyone that I wanted to cause I had no idea where anyone was at or playing. Therefore I’m making this bread to see who all is going and to exchange contact info so we all canfind each other and get some games in!

i’ll take a slice of that bread when you’re done with it :razzy:

i’ll be there if madgrab decides to go, money matches welcome if i’m in the green.

I think the NHC guys are going to have a meeting spot. They are mostly made up of PSN elites with Xbox top tiers. I’m not sure who’s going to organize it. I definitely want to meet up with some guys. I’ve met a few last year. I’ll be there this year for sure.

We should do $.25 MM’s for casual fun! :wink:

Haha yeah bread was supposed to be thread…damn iPhone

Well, I would love to say I was going, I’ll be there in spirit, I was all ready to come, make it a little vacation with my wife, go see a couple shows, play some SF, but then I found out we’re going to have another baby. So yay babies, but no EVO. Oh well. I’ll be keeping tabs though and I better see some WWLers in Top 8 that’s all I’m sayin’!

Me and EA Megaman will be there :tup:

hdr players from MD going to evo: me (ken/chun), Ganelon (claw), Steve Harrison (sagat/ryu)

I’ll be there (Guile/Cammy).

Mmm bread

No way am I gonna miss the biggest EVO yet. Seems like SRK’s booked the whole damn hotel for the weekend.

Im most certainly going

I’ll be there and I have a room booked at Caesar’s Palace Friday and Saturday night. Hit me up if you wanna help spit the bill only down side is that it’s a single King bed so you might wanna bring a sleeping bag or a cot. So far it’s me and maybe The Aquasnake . I’m down for some money matches and casuals till the break of dawn.

I’ll be there also. Hotel is reserved :D.

Of course I’ll be there.

Well I plan on going and i think you know who i’ll be using hehe.

definetly gonna try my best to go to evo this year.

if anyone near to the metro LA area is driving and wants to split driver duties/gas money/hotel costs let me know!!

devastation is a for sure for me. i have free accomodations out there!

I wanna try and make it to devastation anybody wanna split a room or loan me a couch?

Man everyone is going this year and,i cant make it…WoW