Evo 2010 Player Roll Call

Seen a thread done like this last year so I thought Id start this 1 this year. I just booked my flight and hotel and it was all under 500$ including all 4 nights.:razzy: I get in on thursday so if anybody is down to play ($_$) pm me and let me know. AirbrushKing is confirmed for evo 2010. Let me know what games you are entering this year. LETS GO!

I heard a rumor that shinblanka, his wife , and his dog will be attending evo this year. I don’t know if he will be entering any tournaments but there’s a good chance this rumor is true.

We need to take some pictures with all the TOs – how often are we all in one place? If only Phi and Jason Wilson were there, we’d like every MW/EC TO. (Wilson had been thinking about going I think, but pretty sure he isn’t now). That’s sweet you’re going Larry, see you there

I’m coming just to spectate like last year. iloveu Joe, Bisonopolis, Morninstar, CasperONE and POSSIBLY Damdai will be flying in with me. Joe and Brad are entering I believe. We’re getting in on Thursday and leaving Monday. I’m definitely down for all photos Ghaleon!

Let me know when you touch down. Were u staying at btw?

Thats a good idea. Im down for the picture. What date and time is good for everyone?

Hey Airbrush King,

Tell all your texas mvc2 players to attend this because me and mr fuji got business waiting for you all.

One of the amazingly high number (4) of Michigan players attending.

lol I hope you got my sidebet money ready to hand over to me cause last year, i repped for texas and cleaned up on sidebets. Thanks neo :]

O I wonder who the fantastic 4 is?

Me and my friend (who doesn’t even post on SRK), Wolfkrone and some guy he knows.

HEY its 5 from Michigan i’m going too

I didn’t know. I don’t think I’ve met you yet, anyway. So it’s the Furious Five now. Where’s Grandmaster Flash?

Airbrush King: I meant I want to play against them, last year none of them wanted to play against me, I think they were scared or something? So tell them to not be scared and just play against the cableguy.

lol I like magneto-x over you? hes from houston…

lol I know who he is, I haven’t played him in awhile but I’m down for that match.

Come on though, I know texas has got more players than that

The City Boyz in the Building.

Lol we shall see. All i got to say is “Be Ready”…

ahhh cool, i guess ill see you all there (sweetjohnnycage, iloveujoe, damdai, wolfkrone):bgrin:

see you there sweetjohnnycage.

when are we supposed to find out which pool we’re in??

Aight, im about ready to get this on and poppin. If anybody wants to play me in low tier Im getting in thursday at 9am and would be down to play the whole day. Call me or text me what room you will be in or want to play in so we can get it crackkin. 281-690-0315. Good luck!