Evo 2010 SSFIV Top 8


Evo 2010 Top 8 Finalists

Mike Ross vs. Daigo
Vangief vs. Ricky Ortiz

Infiltration vs. Shizza
Gamer Bee vs. Henry Cen

Thoughts? Predictions?
Do any of these guys have what it takes to stop the beast?


Vangief and Ricky are the first that come to mind that have a no doubt chance. I wanna say Gamer Bee but that just might be all the hype left over from his win over Justin.


After watching the stream, I don’t ever want to hear any bullshit about SSF4 being a turtlefest ever again. GTFO with your filthy lies. If the match is turtley, one or both of you are either Guile, Dhalsim or Balrog. In any other situation, if the match is still turtley, you’re both terrible.


Heck, even that Dagger guy from the other day had a pretty damn aggressive Guile. Thought it was weird how in your face the Hondas were playing too. Awesome stuff.


Daigo, Ricky, Gamer. Top 3

i would like to see Vangief in top 3 though.


Vangief will be in top 3, alongside Daigo and Gamer, and that’s only cause Vangief isn’t going up against Daigo first round. I’m still convinced Vangief will win EVO. Daigo is solid, but Vangief is sic, and as a Gief player I’m sure he knows the Ryu matchup very well.


Why is GamerBee in the losers side? I couldnt watch the whole stream, but i never saw him losing =/…


I believe Gamerbee was sent to Loser’s by Daigo. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong. I think S-kill mentioned it somewhere during the jwong fight.


Or was it Vangief?


Kineda needs to make an Adon and Zangief shirt quick for fast profit!


Have any of the semi matches like the Vangief vs JWong and GamerBee bs Jwon been uplaoded?


The past 2 days of streaming have been great, I’m watching it all the way from Sydney Australia and it is so refreshing to see characters played so well and some really good matches. Can’t wait for tomorrow, World Cup then EvO.


Gamerbee is not in Daigo’s pool. John Choi was the second place in Daigo’s pool


I haven’t been able to see as much of EVO as I’d like, but the matches I did see tended to be great. I’m glad Vangief made it into top 8, as he’s an astounding player. Ultimate Atomic Busters out of nowhere!


Pretty hype for Mike Ross and Henry Cen matches. Sad about no Justin.


I think the finals are gonna be Vangief vs Diago. Vangief could beat Daigo easily if he wasn’t so reckless with footsies. I think it was the second match, first round where Wong kept laming him out with regulars, and he kept walking forward and eating them. Had that been RYU, he would have ate a cr.MK>fireball>FADC>U1 from Daigo. He has to be more patient. I also seen him do unnecessary BD’s, SPD’s, and eating fireballs while trying to lariat. He beats himself in a lot of ways, and Daigo has ridiculous reaction, so all that jumping in isn’t gonna fly. But I do predict he will catch Daigo with that standing 720 if they meet. That shit is scary!


Apologies in advance if this is a no-brainer question, but are they planning to show archived footage of EVO and if so, where/when?


i don’t get how that bracket works… the pools are in the center… and the lines connect to the row to the left. the losers in this column should appear in the column just right of the pools, correct?


What sucks is I’m not going to be able to watch the top 8 matches live since they don’t start till 11PM CDT and I have to work tomorrow.


I think this is how it’ll go if I get the brackets right.

Daigo over Mike Ross 2-1 (Daigo traditionally doesn’t have trouble with Hondas. If Ross switches to THawk/Zangief, I don’t think it’ll phase Daigo’s game)
Vangief over Ricky Ortiz 2-0/2-1

Shizza over Infiltration 2-1 (I have no idea how Infil got this far, he’s basic, Shizza’s game looks smooth)
Gamerbee over Cen (easy) 2-0 (Henry’s likely to get rushed down)

Ross over Shizza 2-1 (close matches here, hard to predict)
Ricky vs Gamerbee 2-1 (I don’t think Ricky will be having any jaguar kick shenanigans, plus him and Justin are going over Justin’s loss so it doesn’t repeat)

Winners Finals
Daigo over Vangief (Daigo will probably get caught with at least one 720, but it won’t be enough)

Ricky over Ross 2-1 (good matches, but Rufus divekick should put Ross on the defensive, giving Ricky flexibility)

Losers Finals
Ricky over Vangief 2-0 (I really don’t think Vangief will be able to get in on Ricky’s Rufus)

Daigo vs Ricky (Daigo pummels ricky)