Evo 2010 Top 8 Finalists and Bracket Information











Evo 2010 Top 8 Finalists Photos

Evo 2010 Top 8 Super Street Fighter IV Finalists
Mike Ross (Honda) vs. Daigo (Ryu)
Vangief (Zangief) vs. Ricky Ortiz (Rufus)

Infiltration (Akuma) vs. Shizza (Chub Li)
Gamer Bee (Adon) vs. Henry Cen (Honda)

Evo 2010 Top 8 SSF2 Turbo HD Remix Finalists

Snake Eyez (Zangief) vs. Tokido (Vega, Honda)
Jason Cole (Dhalsim) vs. DGV (Ryu)

Daigo (Ryu) vs. Alex Valle (Ryu)
AfroLegends (Balrog, Dee Jay) vs. RyRy (Ryu)

Evo 2010 Top 8 Tekken 6 Finalists

Tokido vs. Jimmy “Mr. Naps” Tran
Hyun “Nin” Park vs. Jim “DevilJim” Esmersey

Reepal “Rip” Parbhoo vs. Chris “Crow” Villarreal
James “JFJ” Garrett vs. Rene “Kor” Maistry

Evo 2010 Top 8 Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Finalists
Martin “Marn” Phan vs. Psychochronic
KBeast vs. Kurasa

RoyalFlush vs. SkiSonic
Keits vs. Justin Wong

Evo 2010 Top 8 Melty Blood Finalists

  1. Yoichiro “Garu” Aruga
  2. Stephen “Lord Knight” Barthelemy
  3. Antonio “Kusanagi” Medrano
  4. Byron “HF Blade” Barzabal
  5. Brandon “Brandino” Lee
  6. Yuji “Yat” Tanaka
  7. James Xie
  8. Eric “Numakie” Gutierrez

Evo Top 8 Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Finalists

  1. EG Justin Wong
  2. EMP Santhrax
  3. Clockw0rk
  4. EMP Yipes
  5. Neo
  6. Crizzle
  7. Chaos Nightwolf
  8. Regency Rob

I did not expect this kind of top 8. Ugh, can’t believe I had to work today and missed the stream. Next year I’m definitely going to EVO just to watch this madness.

I sadly missed most of the stream today. Who’s using what characters?

Updated the info above to include characters played.

I love how GamerBee’s name has a ton of exclamation points next to his name LOL

Glad to see Ross make it thru but matching up first things first against Daigo is gonna be a tough challenge.

i thought gootecks was gonna win this evo for sure i mean the man charges 10 bux just to play him he must be a real champ but i guess i was wrong

Did 'tecks even make it out of the first day? I’ve had to work all weekend and didn’t get to catch most of the streams for Super Street.

Syxx573: Love your new sig, lol.

Go Mike Ross!

I can’t believe Shizza is playing as secret obese character Chub Li.

Did Gootecks even compete? I don’t think I even heard his name mentioned at all.

You cannot sir!




Gootecks was in my pool. But for the 4 hours I was there. He never showed for his games. So I’m almost positive he got dq’ed.

Noooo ryder!!! D:

lol Gootecks partying too hard with the money he made from his lessons

Henry Cen is taking it!!!

Go Mike!

Why is it just SSF4?

Where are the other Top 8 info for the rest of the fighters?

exactly, where are the other evo top 8 results?

Adding as we speak…