Evo 2010


I would like to get your guys opinion on evo 2010. What did we learn about different characters? How about a zangief winning it. Let it all out


Rog, Sim and Claw are still strong. Ryu as top is BS.

Edit: and SF4 sucks. Screw hit-confirm fighters.


No surprise. Snake has has been beasting lately. He beat Valle and some toher tourny lately (NCR?). He perfectly uses all of Gei’s new tools.


I think this proves without a doubt that Gief is a clear shoto killer. Any knockdown leads to a massive advantage to Gief. Snake Eyes just knew the matchups through and through and it paid off. I think had Cole’s sim run into Snake Eyes we might have seen something a bit different, or if Afro had gone with DJ, but what Snake did is very solid. This evo definitely vindicated the people who put in the time. Well done guys, honestly HDR was way more hype than SSF4.

Also, wtf was with Sim’s super sucking up Ryu’s super from behind? Weird hitbox shenanigans there…


Yeah, Sim has some weird shit. I managed to cause someone to block with an upward yoga flame that hits from behind


IDK what happened with Ryu’s Super from behind Dhalsim, but I’m gonna guess that Daigo either did it too soon while Dhalsim still had complete invincibility and therefore Ryu’s Super passed through him and got cancelled by the Yoga Super. Or maybe Daigo did the Super so close that it whiffed because Dhalsim’s vulnerable hitbox was behind Ryu’s hands as the fireball was released. I’ve seen the Yoga Upflame hit opponents behind Dhalsim before, but never the Super.


This list is wrong. I only lost to Tokido and RyRy. I didn’t lose to Kajod. I eliminated 3 guys in the semi’s to come in 9th, but they didn’t mention that either. The whole thing was messy and rushed. It seemed like they want to get the HDR tourney over with quick so they could move on to more important events.

Also Afro eliminated Daigo in a Rog Mirror match, then lost to Snake Eyes. Afro didn’t lose to Daigo. I remember Afro was giving the crowd something to cheer for cuz he headbutted Daigo to death the whole round. Everyone was like “AYE AYE AYE AYE AYE AYE!!!”. That match was mad hype, props to Afro, he really knew how to please the crowd and get everyone going.


Daigo is awesome, but I was cheering for Cole during his bout against the Beast, and was pretty elated when he pulled the clutch win against him.

I didn’t get to see finals. From what I heard, Cole didnt face Snake Eyez. I kinda wish he did because I’d like to see Snake Eyez’s Gief beat by a Sim. He always gets the better of my Sim lol


Sim super does have initial invincibility: http://www.pedantic.org/~nate/HDR/sim/super.html


It’s interesting that you have that link stud, cuz Rufus doesn’t have Dhalsim’s Super listed in the main Dhalsim page or the miscellaneous section (AFAIK). Thanks to Rufus though, the pics look good.


Fixed. I think I linked to it in a thread somewhere. See, I told you guys you don’t complain enough.


I noticed there is no red “to hit” box on that Super. (but I don’t even see the faint red boxes either)


All fireballs don’t have the hitbox display in HDR. Either ST/HDR doesn’t display them by default or it’s an error by the designers (tho I doubt it’s a mistake).


It definitely sucks that we can not see them. The YBH has the collision (dissipation) and offensive boxes, being that the collision ones are bigger, so at some point some version has showed some of their points. Could we see them, the reason why the cross-up super punished failed would be clear.


man congrats to the man who took evo with gief, especially for his first evo appearance…good shit bruh


I landed behind Ktm or pac I don’t remember, and swept sim during his super, and got hit as ken. it was wierd, but the one hit didn’t knockdown ken so it was ok in the end.

Since you can’t see projectile hitboxes, i can only assume that super yoga flame extends almost to the ground, far enough that a shoto cr.hk gets hit even behind him.