evo 2010

whos going?

allen… if youre going, make sure to hit me up… me and some buddies got a suite at the venetian… 42" plasma HD TV and a 35" LCD HDTV in the room… we gotta get some casuals during the offtime.

for sure, do u know where and when it is yet

Probably gonna go. Would be my first time entering EVO! :>

Well I’ll be goin lol. I live here.

I’m planning on going. Just got my paycheck on friday and I put some money aside to start out my “evo10” fund… gonna do that with every paycheck from now until july :slight_smile: The venetian you say? I’m down with that.

yeah… it was on the front page… july 9-11… im getting in on the 8th in the morning so i can get drunk and waste money on roulette… and maybe some SF4 money matches if i find ppl

You’re reppin Sakura now? Awesome. I should send you an add on Xbox sometime.

~I’ll be going to EVO, but don’t think I’m gonna enter… just gonna get trounced by everyone @@.

Probably going with a few 10 or so friends. Don’t think i’m entering anything though, just play casuals and watch.

I wish I can go… would learn soooo much ~.~, meet some chill ppl rep my girl Saku all the way