EVO 2011 3S "Grandmaster Invitational" Tournament

I know the EVO staff most likely added this side event simply because 3SO is coming out in a couple of months but I’m still surprised that they did, considering that the EVO staff doesn’t like the game and there’s a lot of negativity surrounding the game due to the high numbers of Chun/Yun players in past EVO Top 8’s.

More exposure for the game is always good though.

I’m pretty hyped for this and now I actually have a reason to watch the stream. lol.

I saw Renic (sort of) mention this on twitter and was confused as hell for the same reasons you stated for being surprised.

Now the problem is, who do THEY think is “grandmaster” level? I doubt they’ve paid much attention to 3s in the recent years let alone when it was big with the FFA ranbats and any tournaments held in the recent years. Still, an exciting thing none the less. I have a reason to turn on EVO this year for a little bit.

Not to mention, who do they think is grandmaster level, and what’s to say they don’t come or are retired?

Wonder if we’ll ever see Hayao again :frowning: I miss Hayao


Well I mean you have the obvious Japanese players but I’m pretty sure it will be mostly Americans. I just hope they know that popular =/= grand master. Also, is it by character or by the player? Player would be easy but character would cut down the potential list a lot and would cut the actual exhibition down.

Guess they do as long as it’s a new release from Capcom :stuck_out_tongue:

Evo staff may hate 3rd Strike, but hopefully they know enough about the community to figure out exactly who to invite for this event. Just putting in guys like Justin Wong and Tokido aren’t gonna cut it, especially since those two have been out of practice since SF4. They need to basically try to re-enact Evo2K2 and invite the top players that use both high and low-tier characters. That is what helped generate a little hype for 3S back then, and with OE coming so soon, it would certainly help boost sales.

I want to see Sugiyama get shit faced and destroy everyone.

invite me, i will win

Bodler took your place I thought that was known.


well daigo and tokido will be at evo so you know they will be automatic picks. (actually tokido still plays seriously right? guess he wouldnt be a bad choice)

Ryan posted in the Evo thread, hopefully they will put him in the event and listen to his suggestions also. With him and metric in attendance they damn well better be in this thing

I don’t even think Daigo plays anymore, and I’m sure Tokido’s way out of practice. He’s still good just because he’s Tokido, but there are better picks in my opinion. It’d be funny if he busted out Urien again, just for nostalgia sakes. Or even Sean. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ryan should definitely be a part of it. The only American to ever reach Mousa in the Danisen ranking(at Tokyo, even), that’s got to say something.

ryan as in Gootecks? or some other ryan ( sorry i dont know about us 3.s community lol)

RX (Urien) and/or Pierre (Urien)! Please! :3

Ryan aka Let Blood Run. If Gootecks got back hardcore into 3S though, I’m sure he’d be a solid contender for a spot.

evo is a big marketing gig now so it makes sense that they would put capcom’s new product out there. what better way than an exhibition where daigo and justin could potentially clash yet again?

im not sure how i would feel about a “Grandmaster invitational” without seeing kuroda rx hayao pierrot and several others, though.

Let’s see, he hates MvC3, his characters got rocked in AE…I think he’d consider it.

ah …thanks for replying man…yh gootecks was saying how he wanted to revive the 3s community … im sure with all the attention cross counter recieves he has a good shot .