EVO 2011 Aftermath

Weird that there is no thread created for people’s experience in EVO 2011.
I clearly saw a handful of Canadians that i’m sure has some stories to share over the course of the event.

Anyways, I wrote up an article in TorontoTopTiers.com if people are interested.
Find it here.

We also got a lot of pictures of the event.

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[COLOR=#0c3362]Day 1
Day 2
Day 3 [/COLOR]

A few videos coming our way from the weekend as soon as I get a hold of the camcorder.
Anyways, if you like the story or pictures, please hit “Like” in the Facebook page. Helps us a lot.


Must see Harada vs Ono poster battle! get that up asap!

Nice article… Always enjoy reading ur tournament experiences

Nice coverage, hopefully somebody can work something out with Lapchi, I really don’t wanna travel to Calgary especially in November its damn cold!

So I don’t know how I find the time to do these things but I promised myself that I would create my own experience blog.

NeoRussell’s EVO Day 1 Blog
Comments are welcome.

I’ll have Day 2 and Day 3 soon hopefully.

Good reads Russell.

Saw the poster too, funny shit.