EVO 2011 Akuma Players



Where are my demons at? :smiley:

Pool: 83


I’m in pool 78 with Marn.


Pool 1 with wolfkrone.


Ouch!.. I hope you do well anyways!


Yeah AndyOCR seems to be in pool one as well, it’ll be tough but hope an Akuma survives it. Any idea how many players will be in a single pool?

I’m not going to Evo since I’m not from the states and don’t have the funds to make it =( but here’s the pool # for the demon himself (Tokido): Pool 69


Good luck guys, really hope you do well! Show these guys Akuma’s not to be messed with :slight_smile:


Akuma player and srk forums reader from Mexico attending :slight_smile: pool 34


anyone made it to top182?


So how did you guys do, any notable wins you guys got?
Also, wtf was with Kindevu playing Akuma lol, that made me chuckle a bit. Sadly I didn’t get to see Tokido player because I soldiered on till about 6:30am UK time and then I just knocked out, randomly woke up half dead and saw Poongko beat someone (can’t remember who) and then fell asleep again. I’m sad to see Tokido in losers, I heard people say Daigo made him look completely free, it’s sad. Fuck Yun.


I agree, but I was told by sources that Tokido threw that fight because of the near impossible matchup odds. It’s ironic that he ended up beating Juicebox, though, who I was hoping would win, because if they made it to the final match, at least it’d be a character whose matchup against Yun was even. Oh well, here’s to hoping Tokido, FlashMetroid, Latif, or Poongko take it home. (You Akuma players better hope Tokido brings his A game to the Finals =P)


As much as I love Tokido and would like to make love to him, I can’t help but admit that I’d rather see Poongko win rather than Tokido :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyhow, it’s sad to see he threw the game away IF he did, I think it would be rather uncharacteristic of Tokido to do so but if he did, that’s sad considering he didn’t even TRY and fight Yun. I mean, Alex Valle did great against Daigo and he was using Ryu, so I don’t really want to believe Tokido threw the game away but if he did, that’s kinda sad :frowning:


I stand by my statement that this is a wakeup call for Tokido. He needs to switch to Evil Ryu ASAP. He’s much more competitive than Akuma because all of his moves are faster with less recoil, do more damage, and his ultras don’t suck. E. Ryu in the hands of Tokido would be downright scary =O

And I’m personally rooting for BrokenTierLatif. Since Juicebox Juri is gone, Latif is the next best thing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Evil Ryu? Do you even understand how bad he is compared to Akuma? His teleport is practically useless. He has no demon flip / air fireballs. What you are essentially saying is that you would trade FADC ultra and a bit more damage for a useful teleport, air fireballs, and a vortex. I don’t even recall seeing any evil ryus come close to making top 64. At least infiltration at least nearly made top 32. Tokido should stick with Akuma, period. And even if he does switch, there’s no friggen’ way he should switch to Evil Ryu, who’s not even as good as normal Ryu >_>


I got to winners finals in my pool and lost to Wolfkrone. Then I faced AndyOCR in losers and had a close set but he clutched it out. I beasted Jason Cole in my first match Akuma vs Sim.

All and all I felt I played pretty well. Didn’t really drop anything and was in every match. I just lost to a couple of better players.

As for Tokido I spoke with him and he is definitely sticking with Akuma.


Although it looked like tokido threw the fight , especially after he just beat momochi’s yun i don’t think he did what good would come out of him throwing the fight?


My pool was freaking stacked. I made it through the first couple of rounds but got beat by Marn and put into losers where I won one more and then choked the next match against a Rufus player. The pool was so brutal that even Marn got knocked into losers


Damn bro, that kinda sucks, well at least you won some matches!

Wow, sounds like you did really well. Coming close against AndyOCR is no shit, that’s pretty sick. Tbh Wolfkrone is so strong, that dude could easily get a Top 4 position, I think he’s stronger than Latif but some may disagree. I think we did good though, I was sad to see Infiltration not go further but oh well, that’s how it is I guess. Let’s hope Mr. Murderface can sleep on his loss and hopefully come back stronger than ever today.

Dunno if anyone here knows but any idea approximately WHEN the AE finals will start, I don’t really care for the other games and chances are it’ll be about 2-3am UK time when it starts but I’m kinda looking as to when it is. I might be a bit busy today so just wanna know, if anyone knows or has an idea it would be much appreciated :slight_smile:


Should start at 7:00PM PDT (-7 GMT), so in around 10 hours from now if I’m not mistaken.



I stopped reading after I saw the word “Recoil”

Dem guns.


Also,I Think people forget…Im pretty sure I watched Daigo Beat Momochi’s yun…Yun no doubt is the strongest…sometimes I think people overlook the fact that daigo-Best street fighter player of all time,is using the strongest character in the game. Its a double whammy.