EVO 2011 best / most memorable match?

Not “moments”. purely matches…

I can’t speak for MvC3 because I missed most of it.

For AE my votes go with:

  1. Poongko vs. Daigo
    This needs no explanation.

  2. Alex Valle vs. Daigo
    So impressive to see Alex’s Ryu go toe-to-toe with Daigo’s Yun. What a story that would have made, following Daigo’s departure from Ryu.
    And of course Valle/Daigo history!

My first EVO turned out to be a hell of a weekend. My favorite matches were Viscant vs PR Balrog and Latif vs Poongko; and I can’t go without mentioning PR Balrog’s comeback with Tron. Everyone in the crowd went nuts. If I had to pick one though, it’d be Viscant and PR definitely.

Viscant vs PR Balrog. That comeback was pretty much THE highlight of Evo for me.

Poongko Vs Daigo
subtitle: The beast is slayed

  1. Valle vs Daigo
    I dont know how often I was thinking: Ok its over now…wait what…WHAT?! OMG he’s still standing!
  2. Poongko vs Daigo
    Daigo got destroyed! Although its because Daigo kept guessing wrong it was still a great match (too bad poongko was so arrogant). I would have liked more reads instead of just guessing.
    3.Shiro vs Xien
    Triple dash into anti-air Ultra? DA SHIZZNIT! Cant get better reads than that!

poongko vs daigo
latif beating daigo/poongko/tokido
and deadpool blowing up mike ross mvc3 match

Noah blowing up that one dude in like 10 seconds in MvC3

Poongko peeing on Daigo and sending him to losers.

Hmmm I would probably have to say Daigo vs Poongko just because of the results. I remember watching the Salty Suites Saturday night and Poongko came in the room while Daigo was playing and everyone was speculating if he would play Daigo that night or wait for the tournament. People were doubting him on the internet and at Evo and the way the match ended just changed everything. Who knows how a Ft10 would turn out but that moment was just incredible.

Mago vs. Wolfkrone

When Diago went home to become a family man

I really was getting hype during the valle /daigo match. also the ST side tourney was “super” fun.

yeah i missed the valle vs daigo match, but saw it on youtube, it was awesome.

I don’t play marvel but that PR balrog comeback was pretty epic.


  1. Viscant vs PR Balrog
    2._ Justin Wong vs Richard
    3._Fuudo vs Poongoko

Viscant is such a villain

Wolfkrone beating Mago for the last top 8 spot, after Mago beat Wolfkrone in a nail-biter at Revelations.
Rivals for life???

Fuudo vs Poongko. That sick U1 to catch that backdash was amazing!

All matches with D3athwish…