Evo 2011 East Coast MvC3 Captain Poll


Who should be the captain of the East Coast Marvel 3 Team Tournament at Evo 2011?

Teams can be made up of anyone from the Eastern or Central time zones.

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I am torn between the consistent and impressive performances from LB Chris G and TS NerdJosh.


I feel Chris G IMHO.


Wow, seriously? No votes at all for Yipes?


Yipes gets my vote, due to his Hype qualities, although @NerdJosh is a very strong second. #NerdMom woulda won if she was listed. #Kappa


NerdJosh gets my vote. I believe in him. No disrespect to the rest of course.


Demon Hyo


is this just a poll for captain or are all of the players on the team?


Can I vote for Triforce?


Noel “The Prof3/5sional” Brown should lead the East to victory.


hopefully i get a spot on the team


I vote for Noel Brown.

He knows who all the best players are, he has teamed with them for years.


I’m torn between Chris G and Andre since I feel they are the two best. Yipes is my personal favorite, but I just don’t think he’s quite there yet. Fuck it, I’m voting for Chris G.


Yipes still in MVC2 glory. Not MVC3.






Chris G.


Nerd Josh got this shit.


I voted for Chris G, but seriously Andre isn’t getting enough love, I still think he has the best Dante in the US, when he hits his combos.


I VOted yipes ! :slight_smile: