EVO 2011 Marvel vs. Capcom 3 5v5 teams picked

Fanatiq should have made the EastCoast team, or did he move to the west? Other than that, they are all awesome MvC3 players, and very fun to watch.

East Coast
TS|Nerd Josh
Masta CJ
DMG|PR Balrog

West Coast
EG|Justin Wong
cc.coL|Filipino Champ

Sick. Looking forward to watching this.

dont know if i agree with pr rog. mainly cuz there isnt much footage that ive seen of him. personally i would have rather had josh wong.

EDIT: yeah i was put on blast. holy shit.

LOL. This is why we shouldn’t have had Nerd “Choke Artist” Josh as our captain. Is MastaCJ his butt buddy or something?

i would have picked masta cj if i was the east coast captain.

Yeah and it still would’ve been a horrible choice. What is your point?

who would you have picked? i cant think of any other players that i would rather have on that team other than ryry.