EVO 2011 MVC3 Intro Movie Requests Part 2

Hi all. I’m making an MVC3 intro video for EVO2011 and I need as many hype clips of the game as I can find. If possible, they need to have commentary (without profanity).

Comebacks, Crazy Combos, WTF moments… anything with good commentary and hype crowd stuff!

For example:

Marn vs Combofiend (Bionic Arm)
Floe vs Rexxor (Sentinel combo!)

If you can link them in here, it would be GREATLY appreciated. The higher quality the better (I’m going for 720p clips but if you find something awesome at a lower res, thats ok also).

Post up ASAP~



Already have that… and it has no commentary so I’m not using it. =(

aww :frowning:

heres an idea: use daigos pre-evo message then show some footage of him doing work at ncr9 (even though he lost to flow the hype surrounding him was enough to get me excited)

MastaCJ vs Josh Wong @ The Break Weekly. MastaCJ is released from his chair-y prison and unleashes his full power.


CJ going in on Phoenix with Mags was awesome.

LL.ND’s clutch airthrow with Hsien-Ko on Storm in the very last Marvel Second of the match. It was at a WNF; not sure which one. Can anyone link that for me please?

this would hype up the competitors SO MUCH. PLEASE DO IT :slight_smile:

Gotta show a clip of Tokido beating Wong. I’m rooting for Wong all the way, but that clip would definitely build the hype of “Us vs. Them” in the room.

You mean this epicness? :3

Should get Smooth Viper getting double perfected by MastaCJ. That happened either yesterday or the day before.

The Noel Brown punch had commentary right?

Anything else? There’s gotta be some more decent clips for a HYPE video compilation. Hook it up! Final chance!