EVO 2011 MVC3 Intro Movie Requests

Hey all! I’m going to be putting together some clips for a sweet MVC3 intro movie at EVO this year. What I need are links to some of the most hype moments from MVC2 and MVC3 (so far). Anything we have video from, starting from B4 all the way to present day regarding both games would be huge! If you have a chance and remember some awesome stuff (crazy comebacks, insane combos, blow-ups, anything) please link up with the video and the time in which the awesomeness happens (and a short description).



justin/rowtron (justin wins belt)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sdShBg5c6zw (aftermath too)

soo/justin (5v5 evo 2k3)
ghenghis (2v2 commando rape
justin/xcutioner (cable comeback)

clockwork/wigfall (evo2k4)

duc winning evo again (2k5)

sanford/duc game 8 (what an answer! - evo 2k6)
potter (real liffe johnny cage - evo 2k6 team tourney)

j360/chunksta (IM comeback - SB3)
yipes winning evo (evo2k7)
justin/yipes (cyc comeback - evo2k7)
hyo/dpc (perfect/ragequit - evo2k7)
dpc/clock (mm)
dpc/shady (mm)
smoothviper/cableguy (mm)

babywolverine/sanford (SBR)
justin/dpc (mm ruby team)

sanford winning evo (2k9)
j360/justin (im comeback - SB4)

babywolverine (thank god for the machine)
clockwork/neo (final big mm)
megamansteve/fanatiq (mm SBR)

yipes/chrisschmidt (yipes wins SBR)

**MVC3: **

Combofiend BIONIC MARN!
Justin Crazy Comeback with Cyclops.

UFGT: Rexor’s Sentinel win vs fLoe!

8 on the Break: Noel vs SmoothViper’s Face

Please fill in any blanks (need more from the early years… B4, B5 etc).


You should get that UFGT moment in MvC3 losers finals I think where the screen was covered in DHC everywhere.

Trag: This has got to be one of best comeback and game for an MvC3 tourney to date

UCC Championships - Ft Worth, TX May 7-8, 2011
Sunday - MvC3 Grand Finals, 2nd set
Toan aka Totaltoanage vs Ginga B. [Dallas vs Houston]

Toan is down 0-2 and needs to win the next 3 games to take the UCC Title.

Toan is using Magneto/Sentinel/Phoenix
Ginga is using Zero/Chris/Dante

Toan manages to win the next two games and it comes down to the final game of the match and Toan isn’t having it.
Styling for the win… the hype really gets crazy at the 12:14 mark and this isn’t no direct feed… its actual crowd/players footage!

More info about the UCC and results can be found at my blog, with more footage and also Set 1 direct feed/live footage :tup:


Awesome. Keep them coming!

I have a video of me reverse OCV’ing Justin in winners finals of my pool at UFGT…Frame advantage recorded it and ill post the link when he uploads it

Can’t talk about MVC2 without this video

or this one

and this one is a personal favorite from my teenage years :lovin:

At 2:50 Happy Birthday

Rexxor Sentinel combo on Floe in UFGT loser’s semi-finals to seal it - http://www.justin.tv/leveluplive/b/286959434 Part 4 at 1:29:00

Converts random hit into Hyper Sentinel Force, into two Drives, into Plasma Storm. Crowd goes wild.

http://www.justin.tv/leveluplive/b/286959434 at 1:45:40. Magneto throws a Shockwave, DHCs to Wolverine. Dante Devil May Dies. Wolverine DHCs to Sentinel Hyper Sentinel Force, then X-Factor cancels to stay safe. Everybody gets shot.

Just because it’s so disgusting lol.

Justin vs Ricky from ECC4 or 6 something like that, when Justin trijumps Ricky to death.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VjFeHuqfctc @7:20

Evo 2005: Final moments of Yipes vs Duc.
Evo2006: Duc vs Sanford
Arthur(Chaosnightwolf) losing his mind after he beat MegamanDS? last year at evo.

Gah, somebody link the WNF match between Cl0ck and Viscant where its a dark phoenix mirror, shits flying everywhere, the screen says KO and Viscant is like “DID I WIN???”


here’s thank god for the machine for you :tup:

j360 comeback on wong

wong comeback on j360

Demon Hyo vs DPC Perfected

D’Nyc3 vs Remix Perfected

Sanford losing to
BabyWolverine in season beatings 3 bw getting hype

yipes vs chris schmidt SBR grand finals

vdo vs alternate275 quickly killing 2 chars with ken

shady k vs dark prince money match final game

megaman steve vs fanatic at sbr