Evo 2011 Shoutouts

I’m really surprised that there hasn’t been a shoutout thread created yet. Basically, this is where you would give a shoutout too all the new friends you met, old friends you got to see again, worthy opponents in your pool, and etc.

I have a long list… and I’m at work, so I’ll just add mine later.

and more…

^I think if that pretty much got me covered for now :tup:


Shoutouts to the SRKGD Illuminati!
Shoutouts to Rotendo and his friends, especially that tiny asian guy who can fit in two chairs with armrests to sleep. Fucking impressive!
I think my speech at dinner on sunday summed it all up. You’re all faggots and I <3 you all.

Valaris summed it up pretty nicely. Haha.