Evo 2011 West Coast MvC3 Captain Poll

Why isn’t James Chen on this list? I would have voted for him.


Taylor Swift votes for Viscant!

I met Viscant a few times and he’s an amazing guy, vote for him!

Voted for Viscant. Justin may be the notable best player and he will definitely be on the team but Viscant IMO has probably the best eye for this sort of job.

Viscant is so technical, he has to be the captain


Just to be clear, Evo decides who the team captain is. From there, the captain can either pick the team, or hold a qualifier at their descretion.

The captain does not not have to be on the team.

a vote for non viscant people is a slap in the face of NOASS

I voted for combo fiend!

Gah, hard to decide between Combo and Viscant.

Viscant Nigga

yo all those players are godlike, but wong would honestly be the best captain

Combofiend hands down

Combofiend. He is the founder of Bionic Arm Inc.
I can see him with the team leader portfolio in a get down to business act.
Both him and Viscant are very technical anyway, hard decision.

polls close tomorrow at noon.

yeah, voted marn on this one.

Army of Zeroes unite! MARRRN!

Filipino Champ!!!

Viscant- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Exbsw5ssn4I
Nuff said.