Evo 2011


Hey I have to book my Vacation days off, and i wanted to know what weeks should I plan off for Evo. Last year was hype and im creating a thread out of it for other who may need this info as well

thank you


Too early IMO…don’t they usually announce EVO dates early in the new year?


yea im still waiting for any announcements for the evo japan tourney


Does anyone have any idea what venue EVO2k11 will be held at?


I’m going to look for you Geese Pants. We need to do a rematch @ Evo!


The current plan is to announce the Venue for both Evo World and Evo Japan in early January. Evo Japan is still not 100% finalized, as soon as it gets there, we will announce it.


top 8 of evo japan goes to evo world right :lovin:
say yes plz



Your avatar. What is that in Ken’s hand?


He thinks he’s on fire


:lol: cool the earlier the announcement the better. I just really hope it’s in July again so I can definitely make it. :cool:


Here’s hoping it’s not the same week as Anime Expo again. That was one crazy week. (Financially)


I always wish and hope that Evo will be on Xbox 360 so I don’t have to borrow or buy new PS3 stuff lol.


Looking forward to the annoucement. If I can make it, expect some Garou: Mark of the Wolves love.


Apparently there’s an Evo World Announcement January 5th.


Cool then, will it be the regular one, or EVO Japan?


Evo World.


Yeah going back to the rio woooo!!


Now that the dates and location have been set…close thread?


Any idea when Wiz will announce the games and what platforms they are on? I am wishing for Xbox 360 despite pretty much knowing the answer to the console wars…but a man can still dream right?


Man it would be great if Guilty Gear would come back, but I’m sure there is no chance for that.