Evo 2012 - 2013........

With only 6 games allowed at evo the question for the future is… what will the 6 be when theres going to be SO many to chose from?

  1. SSF4
  2. TvC
  3. HDR
  4. MvC3
  5. 4th Strike (online edition w/e)
  6. SF X Tekken
  7. Tekken X SF
  8. MK9
  9. BB
  10. Tekken Tag tournament 2
  11. Tekken 6 (or 5? idk i don’t follow tekken)

Do you think with the growth of fighting games evo will just add more game slots?

1.TVC and HDR will probably be dead in 2 years.TVC definitely.
2.3rd strike OE will most likely not revive the3s scene enough to warrant a spot.
3.Tekken 6 will be replaced by Tekken 7 by this time probably.Or TTT2 will just take the place as the main Tekken game seeing as TTT1 is one of the most well recieved tournament Tekken games in the series.

In b4 anime game argument.

Guesting is fun tho’,

I’m gonna say ssf4, hdr, a tekken, marvel 3, mk9 and rotating.

Even though SF3 Third Strike is the greatest multi-media experience of all time, I still don’t blame you for feeling that way.

Seeing as 3rd strike isn’t played at evo anymore.

That being said… I feel that if capcom does a good enough job with OE, that the game will be popular enough to make a top spot at evo.

Guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree until the time comes :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the game has the potential to get a spot but it all depends on if tournaments are run for it when it gets re-released.If tournaments are run for it at every major leading up to EVO 2011 and they are successful and exciting with results that vary (I.E no Chun vs Chun in every grand finals and top 8) then it could get there.

Yea, this + they need to make it so you don’t need to be hooked up to the internet to play the game.

Doubt HDR will be going anywhere considering it had the most entrants after SSF4.

Yet the game is hated by most of the players on this site and is constantly ridiculed by top players.

all the tekkens are going to make it interesting. TTT2, TxSF, and T6 will have to play pretty differently to get them all a spot, otherwise itll just be the same game 3 times. same with SFxT. if it plays alot like SSF4 then i dont see the point of it…if it plays BETTER than SSF4 it could replace it (i hope so)

MvC3 will be the main game

3rd strike is dead

Are you talking about SSF4 ?

no. he’s not. quit trying to troll.

Most of the OG players do not like HDR.

The reason I doubt this is because most overseas players aren’t really into MvC

You. <----

. <---- The point.

HDR has been good for EVO the last couple of years. Regardless of what the vocal minority thinks, the numbers don’t lie. HDR has consistently been the #2 game at EVO by players entering. It isn’t going anywhere, especially when the silent majority prefers it.

I doubt 3S OE will be given a spot if it’s the same old Chun/Yun/Ken game. They should give it a rebalance treatment, 3S needs this more than ST IMO, otherwise that’s the reason why 3S was pulled from EVO in the first place. Tho it would be nice to see it back as an official game at EVO, just for nostalgia’s sake.

dont just assume that EVO wont grow larger enough to host more than 6 games as main events.
This thing gets bigger every year son

Readings fun, you should try it :slight_smile:

History says otherwise.

EVO is an american event. (unless its EVO Japan)

Ah, why was MvC2 top spot for a while?

tvc and marvel 2 are done with marvel 3 taking one of their spots and mortal kombat 9 possibly taking the other

hdr is ass and I am guessing that the st community will bring back ST and not hdr… hdr scene should transition into it nicely. only prob is the same issue as before with no clear choice on which version to play

tekken 6 br will be usurped by TTT2. TTT2 looks to be really great.

ssf4 ae of course

if evo staff continues the people’s choice game, i think melty or arcana 3 will be the game if not blazblue cs 2.

wait, no Arcana Heart 3?

edit:and no melty either, how come?