Evo 2012 and Beyond - 3 Days or 4 Days?

We need to get some feedback from the attendees of Evo events.

What are you thoughts on Evo being a 4 day event?

If the games that were played on Thursday not your favorite games, would you still show up anyway?

Honestly, I would keep it 3 days. Usually people work Monday - Friday. If it were a 4 day event, they would have to take 3 days off of their regular week schedule. Take Wednesday off to catch a flight (or drive) to EVO and then Thursday and Friday for the tournament. I don’t think its smart for anybody to take 3 days straight off of work kanye shrug.

Why would you make it 4 days? Because of Soulcalibur 5 and SFXT joining Blazblue, AE, Marvel 3 and MK9?

It’s fine as a 3 day event, but if there are too many games to be played then I can see why you would need to break it up into an extra day to accommodate them. My issue would be that I’d be a little sad if a game like, say, KOF XIII wound up being played on Thursday.

Can we get a “I’ll show up no matter how long it is” option?

If it means games that NEED to be there, like 3S, KOF XIII, and ST, get in, then by all means go to four days.

I skipped Evo this year largely because of the anemic game lineup, and while I can understand the thinking behind the smaller roster, not having ST on the SF2 20th anniversary was a HUGE mistake.

I think 3 days is fine just have games on different streams I mean instead having just spooky.ipwinner have it be everyone of the major streaming groups working together you wanna see KOFXIII got to that stream, Marvel got to that stream, then finals day have all game’s on the main stage or at least the 5 or 6 with the most entrances

I think 4 days would give us more games but the problem then becomes if you try to host all the finals on sunday then it becomes kind of hectic. You would have to cut out the times for videos or presentations that would normally happen on sundays and just have finals after finals after finals.

I still would prefer 4 games if it would give time to include games like SCV, KOFXIII, SFxT, TTT2, and SSF:AE 2012, Skullgirls, UMVC3, MK9, and BB:CS2 all in the roster.

3 Day event is fine for now.
But if you guys wanted to be 4 day, 3SO, AE, UMVC3, SFxTK, SC5, and Skull Girls. Cause 4 day event means more Games added to Evo.

I would love to see Evo become more than a 3 day event, all the stuff that happens there and I don’t get a chance to do it all. Especially nowadays with all the extra beta games+panels and free time with the new pool system. X_X

To be perfectly honest though it’s hard to see how the scheduling will be done to highlight all the games that get on the stage, but however many days it’ll take I’m going to be there for all of them. :slight_smile:

People think this means their favorite game will get in if they go 4 days

Protip: it doesn’t

4 days to include all non-capcom fighters… I’M IN :smiley:

4 days would be awesome!

If you go 4 days, which I support.

Maybe have Sunday be the half day with finals in the morning. You could also throw more panels in.

2012 has too many good games to just have 5 games next year.

It works well as a 3 day event, but I’d love to see it as a 4 day, if only to have an extra day of just beta games and casuals!

4 days would be optimal if you guys were planning to add one or two more games to the roster. You can get pools out of the way for games that have the least amount of players registered to compete. Other than that, 3-4 days is cool.

I would approve of 33% more Evolution.

ANIMEVO (idea) revival!

Yeah, I don’t mind if it’s 4 days. In case if there are more than 5 games are gonna be played at EVO 2012 next year, then go for it. I’m down.

One further question: when would you announce that the event is 4 days?

I arrived in Tuesday this year for EVO so it would be nice to have an extra day for EVO. Seems like the Mainstage games are overrun by games from 2-3 companies so it’d be nice to see representation from smaller communities on an extra day or so.