EVO 2012 Headsets


I’m in the market for a headset and I noticed that at EVO they were using the Tritton Detonator headset. My question is how were they able to get it compatible with PS3 (since it’s an officially licensed Microsoft product) and what is required to hear both audio from the headphones and the monitor?


Speaking from zero experience or authority on the EVO side of the question…

Chances are they are compatible with the PS3 because of the PS3. I plugged a random Plantronics USB headset/mic in and it just worked perfectly with zero setup. I think the PS3’s ability to recognize and interpret audio/mic hardware is just that good. All “Officially Licensed Product” means is that some money exchanged hands and (hopefully) some testing was done. It does not mean it won’t work on other hardware.

That being said, don’t run out and buy one because I said to… test it yourself.


yes. buy one then test it. be sure to tell us the results


They work with PS3. They are USB powered and we used the analog audio connector to hook it up to the system and split the signal so both players could hear the sound over two headsets.

The Detonator will work with PC/PS3 but only for game audio, not game chat.


Could someone link me to the necessary cables to make this work with ps3?


You dont need an adapter just plug the ps2/p3 a/v cable in the ps3 will output left and right audio through both hdmi and their stock a/v cable

Included Detonator cable


Thanks for the information. Much appreciated.