EVO 2012 Ken Thread



Just noticed that we don’t have our own EVO 2012 thread yet.

So,my internet just so happened to die for %90 of the day today and needless to say I missed a shit ton of EVO. How is the Ken army doing so far this year? The only Ken match I caught was MOV vs JWong.


All Kens out. MCZ Chris did better than MOV


little disappointed no kens made final 8 as Mov and MCZ looked pretty strong in some matches, but still a good Evo, every play is representing a different character.

Maybe it’s my blind fanboyism lol, but I still feel Ken walk speed/sweep is what holds him back in high level play.


Well,damn it. Was Chaos or Joon there this year?
It feels like there’s just flat out been a whole lot less Ken reps at high level than before after v.2012 hit.

And I also still agree with the walk speed/sweep problem. I still always get irritated seeing Ryu always combo into sweep no problem while Ken can’t anymore.


I think people just moved on with there lives bra…Joon I think is a nurse, or studying to be one, so I’m sure he’s busy with other things, Chaos hasn’t been on the scene for a while and last time I checked wasn’t playing Ken.

You’ll always get the fans on each side, that always says Ken is viable, train harder, practice matchups etc…but the truth is, the closest Ken has got to winning in finals was pre v2012. It was Ken’s best version, it was no where near broken or cheap, timing was still more strict to combo into sweep than ryu, and overall, he just felt like a real shoto again, even with the slower walk speed. I seriously doubt, especially at Evo, Ken will ever win a tourney. But he’s still a great character to play, so hopefully he’s more represented next year. Watching Diago with Ryu is equally entertaining though.


I just haven’t heard much about most of the former known Ken players in a long time. I remember Joon getting his mod rights removed on here,so he kinda disappeared. And recently hearing about BananaKen. As for Chaos I haven’t heard anything about him in almost a year and at that time I recall that he was playing Ken. Sorry for being out of the loop,I didn’t have a console or a PC for something like 6 months,so I kinda fell behind on all this news. lol

For me it’s more or less the stigma of having Ken’s sweep combo taken away. Everytime I watch Ryu do cr.mp,cr.mp,sweep it’s just a sad reminder to me. Although,I will say that Super Ken was my fav. Even to this day I’m missing air tatsu hitting crouching opponents.

And speaking of Daigo/Ryu that match against Gamerbee last night on stream was awesome. Daigo + Ryu always = entertainment.


Is there any way to catch up with the Ken matches?

I missed them all…

Still, watching Poongko and Fuudo go out were pretty hyped matches.

Very entertaining to watch. Far more so than ANY of the sf x t matches.

My personal opinion on Ken is that he is a better backdash (travel further back) and comboable sweep away from perfection…




yeah i want my comboable sweep back…
congrats DRS MCZ Chris for a great showing :tup:


These are the only matches that I know of.

MOV vs Laugh at the Salty Suite

MOV vs Justin Wong

DRS Chris vs Infiltration

DRS Chris vs ChrisG

Joe Egami (MOV) vs Yusuke Momochi

Joe Egami (MOV) vs Changwan An (Laugh)


Chris did better against infiltration than Daigo did…


dat royal blue ken… good job chris… thx for wearn my color… respect.


Add in some executional errors by Chris and so many unpunished jump in opportunities, Chris could have taken that fight in my opinion…




I can’t believe I missed this match for my previous post:

Joe Egami (MOV) vs Yusuke Momochi


Joe Egami (MOV) vs Changwan An (Laugh)